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What is Sacrament?

Sacrament™ is a game that brings players back to some of the fundamental concepts of MMORPGs: grouping, adventuring, community, reward, and most of all, challenge! We’ve created a world where the player can go nearly anywhere at any point in time with the understanding that their character’s very life is at risk. Not interested in taking on the world through PvE? That’s fine because we’ve got plenty of other elements as well. All you want to do is PvP? Excellent. Do you want to become the best crafter on Estrom’Ir? Good luck! Maybe you don’t care about any of that, maybe you only want a place where you can take your roleplaying to the next level… we’ve got you covered! There are a few new concepts that we’re pushing forward into an MMORPG as we bring back as much sandbox as we possibly can!

Within the game players can choose to participate in all three primary aspects or just one. If players pursue PvE then they will enjoy solo, group, and raid content, depending on what tier they are in, and find themselves pitting their skill against each tier as they progress through increasingly difficult content; the further you go through the tiers the more you’ll wish you had the aid of others beside you. Those who wish to delve deep into crafting will find a unique and highly rewarding system that offers just as much challenge for them as PvE does for that type of player. They will also find more difficulty and reward as they progress through their own tiers. Those who wish to test their mettle against other players will find PvP to be engaging and exhilarating as they challenge and overcome other players within the open world, the PvP continent, and even within the arena or other battlegrounds..

Players will be required to select a race and class combination – that is right, you will have to make a choice(!) – and then venture out into the world to make a name for themselves! No matter which path is chosen, each player will find frustration and reward alike as they are challenged by a system that shows no favor to those lacking in skill but stepping above their capabilities. This game is not about getting to max level and “beating” the final raid boss; it is about finding yourself and your skill level, sometimes spending weeks at a single tier before finding the gear and skill required to move forward! Each tier offers challenges to different players. Some will soar beyond to the raid tiers, while others will find themselves learning how to master their class in the middle tiers and some yet may not ever wish to go beyond the first few tiers due to their focuses in the game itself.

Do not think you will ever truly win in Sacrament™… winning is merely an illusion… and one the gods will not have you believing in for too long!