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Brief Lore Introduction

The sentient creatures of Estrom’Ir believe that life started more than 10,000 years ago, though there is no evidence to support these claims. What is more ridiculous to the Races is the concept that a group of seven gods created their entire world and all of the creatures within it. Science has long held the sway of the general population, while the so-called radical religious keep to the core beliefs of the original seven gods.

There are some who believe in the claims of the "other" gods, who the religious cults claim are not the same as the original seven creators. Any who claim to have seen the seven creators are met with skepticism, as they claim to have only seen them through prophetic visions and dreams... neither of which are verifiable, as science demands. This lack of physical evidence doesn't keep the population of Estrom'Ir from some form of worship or belief, however, with some tribes and cults dedicating their entire lives to one of the original or even one of the “newer” gods.

No matter! For society refuses to halt because they cannot decide their exact origin. Details like this do not keep the walls ready with able bodies capable of defending them. These facts will not keep governments from making decisions and creating commerce between nations of sentient creatures. The truth is that most of the population cares much more about where they are going than where they came from.