Basic Combat Build (BCB)

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Basic Combat Build (BCB)

Postby Layenem » Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:44 pm

Hello again everyone!

As we continue to push forward regardless of funding it's important to keep you guys in the loop of what's going on. I discuss this at the beginning of most of the podcasts so you can find that information there as well (even if you miss the podcast it's up the same night on YouTube - unless Twitch is being slow and then it rolls out at some 1am the next morning).

We've secured a contract with a team in California building our world space. This will allow us to begin building other assets while that team focuses on our world.

Right now we've decided to shift to zones instead of 100% open world (if we can get the server tech working the way we want it to they can be easily converted to a seamless load that you won't even see).

Once the first zone has been sent to us we'll begin jumping into that space and building what I call the BCB, or Basic Combat Build.

This build has a few purposes, with the most important being the initial proof of concept. It's not that we haven't seen similarities to all of the elements we're placing in our game in other games - it's just that the world wants to see that Sacrament can actually build the game we've been promising.

So what is going to go into the BCB?

I'm glad you asked!

1) Basic System Options (audio, video, etc...)
2) Keybind Control Options
3) Logout Options
4) Bug Reporting UI
5) Ability UI Bar
6) Character UI Screen
7) Character Select Screen
8) Resource UI Bars
9) Core Abilities (simplified but still in the same design into which they will grow)

A few notes:

This initial build will begin as a closed testing system where we are testing it internally. We'll be showcasing our work on it every week (maybe even multiple days each week) as we build it, so anyone interested can join us. Once it's ready we'll open up a pre-alpha build to a very small amount of people.

The Character Select Screen will only have 5 roles as an option at the start. During the early stages, players will be able to select a Tank, Healer, DPS, CC, or Support and fit within those roles only. These will evolve into our classes and we'll push those out as we build them, but they are not a priority for the BCB. The adjustments from BCB to an Alpha phase will be noticeable but will not change the landscape of the game. Fear not: we are not creating something in the BCB that will not be representative of the completed game.

On that note, the abilities themselves will be simplified in their early stages. All abilities will be Global, meaning anyone can use them, and they will be assigned a single role: Tank, Healer, DPS, CC, or Support. Any character not assigned the role prescribed to the ability will take a 75% reduction in efficiency.

No we are not building gear layouts at this time. That, its tie-in with the character's efficiency rating, the class options, AND the ability roles all have to be finely crafted. No easy task but one we're ready for.

So where are we... exactly?

Fishing. Kind of. We've got ALL of the design documents completed for BCB. I mean... we're ready to hit the ground running. What we're waiting on are two things: a single zone and programmers to join the team.

So we're fishing. We're on nearly every website we can find and that is being recommended to us, looking for developers proficient in C++... hell if you've got some websites you think we haven't touched yet send them my way (I'll create a thread and we can pool our websites together).

Hell we can have programmers begin building most of this stuff without the zone... if I could just get my hands on some programmers! So tell your friends and their friends and their parents to head this way if they would love to help build something powerful!


All in all we're moving along! We're still heavy with volunteers who are dedicated to this project! I mean HEAVY!

We've got interest spread throughout the internet.

We've got a sound game design.

We're highly organized.

We're ready to fucking rock!

And now you know :D
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