[CLOSED] Sacrament Raid Contest!

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[CLOSED] Sacrament Raid Contest!

Postby Ahdora » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:01 pm

It's time for the first official Sacrament community contest!

We're looking to you, lovely fans, to contribute your raid ideas. What have you always wanted to see in a raid? Have you ever been inspired by something and thought "wow, this would make a kickass raid scenario?" Now is the time to share!

Layenem has set some parameters in the raid idea thread, which you can access HERE.

Type your raid idea in a new post, and then link that post in the official entry thread, located HERE.

On October 16, 2015, we will choose the top three submissions and announce them on Layenem's podcast. The top three submissions will be up for a vote from the community.

The poll will be open for two weeks, at which point we will officially announce the winner on Layenem's podcast.


All three finalists will have some aspect of their raid scenarios featured in the game, with credit given. An NPC involved in some aspect of the raid scenario or raid quest will be named after the submitter (finalist will choose the name they prefer. If it is not lore-friendly, we will discuss it and come up with something that works for everyone).

The runner-up will additionally receive a special forum rank with a name of their choosing (within reason, of course, and it cannot be a name that we are currently planning to give out to supporters based on Kickstarter contributions). No other forum user will ever be eligible to share this rank. It is completely unique to the user.

Our winning submission, in addition to the above (a different rank than the runner-up, of course, and with the same limitations), will be invited as a guest to our live podcast, to present their raid and to fully participate in the broadcast. The main NPC, who gives the quest for this raid, will be named after the submitter (same rules as above re: choosing the name).

Disclaimer: Members of the Sacrament team, while they are free to contribute ideas, will not be considered for this contest.

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