Raid Entry: Key Position and Rock Palace Access

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Raid Entry: Key Position and Rock Palace Access

Postby SidKain » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:30 am

Timed control fight, whole raid lightly battles through an open air mountain entrance and through a winding path to the side of a palace.

Palace is half built into the side of the mountain and over run with vines and monsters, theres a stone pillared garden and fountains in front and cliffs surrounding the palace. there is 3 entry/exit spots from the palace spewing monsters.

The raid must begin by splitting into key positions...

Ranged group needs to be escorted to a safe "shooting gallery", a higher cliff overlooking the lower right palace exit and partial views of the roof and main entrance. Once the grunt has got ranged to the entry of the path up the cliff safely the ranged is good to go set up themselves.

Tanks, heals and long sustain malee dps fights big monsters exiting main palace entry/exit.

A couple assassin/rogue types need to go up the side stairs onto the roof and kill random ranged adds spawning from a roof entry/exit.

Heals need to concentrate on main group whilst timing when to go off and heal ranged on cliff who are suffering light slow dmg from enemy roof ranged.

if any enemies from the 2nd to the last wave get through and touch any of the fountains, then dmg now heals the monster blessed by water and only healers can dmg said monster with heals (the old dmg switcharoo). A good groups doesnt want too many monsters getting through as heals will be having to "heal kill" the blessed monsters while still healing the raid and still deciding when a good peel off time to heal range is available.

if the raid can kill enough waves of main door mini bosses within a certain time, the 3 groups can start pushing forward and into the entrances until they finally clear the whole inner rooms and are free to enter a door leading to lvl 1 of a raid dungeon.

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