Pre Boss Fight Scenario: The Mouth of God

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Pre Boss Fight Scenario: The Mouth of God

Postby Layenem » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:29 pm

t16, 24 Player Raid

This religious stronghold has two entrances that must be assaulted in order to be taken…

The first entrance, the most obvious, will be the gate leading into the rest of the encampment. When the raid approaches this gate the enemies within will send out strike teams in groups of 10-20 adds at a time mixing CCable and non-CCable, some that must be kited or deal tremendous damage, others that explode when they die, and others that you must keep from the same of their type of they will buff the entire strike force. The raid will have 1-2 minutes to kill all of the enemies before another wave is sent out… Eventually, after a few of these waves, the raid will become agitated that it is not moving beyond this point and begin scouting the area for mechanics to interact with.

When they do that they will find a small overhanging rock outcropping that actually leads under the side of the stronghold. The players will need to leave enough at the entrance to distract the strike forces while they send a smaller team through the small tunnel to sneak inside and open up the front gates.

A small group of players (roughly the size of a normal group; tank, DPS, healer, support, CC, and whatever they wish for the final spot - likely ranged DPS if the first DPS is melee or vice a versa) will traverse the tunnels, dealing with random trash mob encounters that have taken up a home in the cramped spaces, until they reach the opening to one of the cells beneath the main courtyard of the encampment. Looking around the players realize that the tunnel they just passed through is actually a runoff for the blood of the prisoners that are tortured and killed in the cells.

As players begin to emerge the Jailer comes into the room and calls a few of the surrounding guard to aid him in destroying the intruders. The amount of guards that join the fight is based on the amount of players that have gone through the tunnel; for every player, up to 6, there will be 2 adds and for every players beyond the 6th (players 7 through 36) there will be 4 adds making it more important to send a smaller strike team that seems easy to defeat than to send the entire raid through the tunnels. (There will be an achievement for never engaging the front gate and coming through the tunnel as a full raid and surviving… this requires the front gate to have never been opened.)

Once defeating the Jailer the small group of players can choose to kill all of the enemies within the wall first or clear their way up the parapets to open the gates and let the rest of the raid help clear the entire courtyard. If the players choose to take the entire courtyard on by themselves (another achievement) they will have to clear out the archers upon the parapets quickly before they all become aware of the force within their walls as they do tremendous single target damage. Once the courtyard is cleared the area is ready for the first boss fight.

The entire time the main force is being assaulted by arrows from the parapets and waves of feral rock goblins. Assaulting force is locked into the gate house. Main force pushes forward through the gate and fights a larger 'Captain' mini boss during the fight the remaining enemies in the courtyard also attack in waves of adds. Once main force releases the assault force. A giant Stone golem guardian crashes into the middle of the courtyard. Causes earthquake AoEs, dodging falling stalactites from cavern ceiling is required. Has high physical resistance. Uses an ability to reflect spell damage. When Boss reaches 10% he splits into 3 miniature versions, same mechanics. Which increases number of stalactites. If the 3 Mini golems are too close together they receive a huge armor boost and if all 3 stay close together for (30,45,60 seconds?) they reform into large golem with 75% health and the fight repeats. One mini must be off tanked away from other two to negate reform.
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