Boss Fight Scenario: Split Decision

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Boss Fight Scenario: Split Decision

Postby Layenem » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:28 pm

t16, 36 Player Raid

As players enter the multi-level room they will realize that they can barely see those above or below them and that they cannot reach them. Both rooms are massive, some 25 meters high and another 50 meters in diameter with the grated ceiling/flooring between them. Both rooms are initially flooded with waves of 15 adds with three types where one group must be snare/root kited and cannot be CC’d in any other way but hit far too hard to tank directly (type 1), another group must be stun/mezz locked and cannot be CC’d in any other way and cannot be taunted so must be subdued until the raid can group them up and burn them down quickly (type 2), and still others off tanked, and cannot be CC’d in any way, until the rest are dealt with (type 3). Each type of adds will need to be killed 20 seconds as their respective groups or their entire group will be revived and return to full health.

Whichever level has adds of each type up after the other level has killed them will have another 10-20 seconds (the time will fluctuate between 10 and 20 seconds and will not be a set standard… just to mess with players) to kill those remaining adds before they explode causing massive AoE damage throughout the room. Both rooms will want to ensure they are communicating how quickly they are destroying the adds.

The group to kill all of the adds last will have the boss begin in their room. While in the bottom room the boss will push a small effectiveness debuff throughout the raid (both floors) that cannot be removed by any player abilities. While the boss is in the top room there will be a small resource drain debuff on the raid that cannot be removed by player abilities. The only way to cut this effect in half is for the team on the opposite floor that the boss is on to defend the levers from the adds that attack them every 30 seconds (waves will randomly spawn one type of the three types of adds listed up top) and decipher the code from dropped parchments found on the corpses of the team. Collecting all five parchments (one from each corpse) will provide the players with enough clues to determine the proper level placement to lessen the debuff for 15-20 seconds, reduce the bosses defense and offense for 15-20 seconds, or buff either the bosses defenses or attacks for 15-20 seconds.

The boss will have an unusually high amount of Endurance causing damaging abilities to do much less damage and reducing the overall damage that the boss takes per hit making this one of the truest endurance fights within the game. Tanks will be required to swap threat every 2 minutes as the boss applies stacks of a debuff that reduces their cost of abilities that are used to help mitigate damage as well as their base mitigation; in the event that the players on the opposite floor of the boss put the switch in the position that increases the bosses defense and offense the tanks on the boss’ floor will need to swap sooner.

The boss will provide AoE effects on players in the raid every 20-30 seconds (regardless of the floor they are on vs the floor the boss is on) that either deal high damage to anyone standing within the AoE when it goes off or will summon two adds for every player within the AoE; these AoEs will target ranged-type classes at a higher rate than melee-type classes based on equipped weapons when the AoEs begin. These two adds will be a random version of one of the three types listed above and will need to die within the same 20 seconds of any other add that spawns that fits the same type as them; these adds perform with similar properties as the initial swarm phase (exploding in one room if they are finished off in the other room first).

Every 8-10% of the boss’ health the boss will stun all players and adds for 3-5 seconds and leave the room (the room wide effect disappearing with it). At this point players will be faced with another swarm phase similar to when they first entered the rooms. When the boss returns all Endurance is returned forcing the raid to either burn through and ignoring Endurance or take out a portion of the boss’ Endurance and then begin DPSing.

At 50% of the boss’ health the room wide effect will remain at all times (even when the boss is out of the room). At 10% of the boss’ max health the boss will become furious and detonate a series of explosives that will collapse the top floor causing all players and the boss to be on the bottom floor. The levers will now be too damaged for players to use and will result in no way to dampen the effects of the room wide effects; both effects are applied at this point. Every 20-30 seconds players will need to fend off swarms of adds similar to the first swarm phase in the same manner.
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