Boss Fight Scenario: Hungry, Hungry Dragon

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Boss Fight Scenario: Hungry, Hungry Dragon

Postby Layenem » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:27 pm

t18, 36 Player Raid

Players will enter a room by jumping down about 20 meters onto a center pylon that stands about 20 meters high. Once the first player lands on the ground beneath the pylon the room will begin to shake violently. The room is about 70 meters in diameter and the pylon in the center is about 10 meters in diameter. At four points in the room are dragon heads that can be seen sticking out from the walls. Each head is only sticking out about 5 meters with the rest of it still within the wall itself and having no lower jaws. What can be seen are the jewels or “eyes” of each dragon; each one having its own color (green, blue, red, and white).

Once the shaking stops four small doorways, between the dragon heads, open up and release four mini bosses and a group of trash NPCs that must be killed. The mini bosses cannot be killed, as players will find out, so they will focus on killing the trash NCPs. Once those NPCs are dead the mini bosses will run to the center pillar and climb on top of it and beams will shoot out from the four dragon’s eyes centering on the mini bosses. A bright light will occur and the mini bosses will be combined as one boss. NOW the raid fight begins…

Before the players can engage the boss one of the dragon heads jewels shines bright and the dragon head begins to violently biting out to about 5 meters shy of the center pillar while the opposite side of the pillar lights up with a puzzles (think “Hungry, Hungry Hippos”). Players must quickly solve the puzzle by moving the squares around to create a shape (circle, square, triangle, whatever we put there) that will stop the dragon head from snapping. If players do not solve the puzzle within a set amount of time (30 seconds roughly) then a second dragon head will begin biting violently with the opposite side of the pillar lighting up again. This pattern will continue until the puzzles are solved.

While the dragon heads are biting out any players standing in the area of the bite each time they land will die instantly. The rest space between the dragon biting out and the dragons to its left and right as well as the space between the dragon and the pillar will take mild unavoidable AoE damage. Dragon heads will perform this action every 4-5% of the bosses health; this will be reapplied if the boss is healed above the last dragon head event and passes that % of health again. Players will want to make sure they assign a set group of players to manage the puzzles that will not be required to perform any other tasks or this can become dangerous for the raid.

Once the first puzzle(s) is/are solved (depending how slow players are to respond) the boss will jump down from the pillar and the tanks can engage. Tanks are going to want to place the boss between two dragon heads but not next to the pillar as the boss lets off small stun AoE waves to melee on a consistent basis to keep the puzzle solvers interrupted. Groups will either have the tanks park the boss so the interrupt AoE is out of range of the pillar and move when dragon eyes near them light up, park them on the far wall between dragon heads and do the same, or park them near the pillar until dragon eyes light up and move them to safe spot from AoE damage that will not stun the puzzle solvers.

Every 8-10% of the boss’s health will cause the boss to jump on top of the pillar and begin chanting an aura that will cause any incoming damage to heal him. At this point two of the doors will release one mini boss each and the other two will release ten trash NPCs each. There will be a mixture of trash NPCs that reflect all damage types back that will need to be charmed/mezzed/stun locked/rooted in a certain area of the zone where the CC can keep them locked down while avoiding damage from AoE and the stun from the boss. These methods will be determined by each raid and several options will be available. They all do melee damage with minimal ranged DPS output if raids choose to snare/root kite them.

The mini bosses will have to be kept apart or they will join together and become a more powerful mini boss that will have the ability to 1-shot most tanks. This 1-shot ability will be visible before it lands but cannot be blocked or partially avoided (avoidance tanks can fully avoid the ability if the raids decide they want to combine the two mini bosses so that all of their DPS is focused on a single target or to reduce the demand on heals). Once the mini bosses are killed the boss will become active again, having healed for whatever amount of DPS followed the boss up the pillar.

At 50-45% the big boss will jump up to the pillar again and instead of summoning adds it will at this point attempt to wipe the entire room with a massive AoE damage that must be avoided with the agility ability “Evasive Maneuvers”. ALL NPCs that are currently being locked down will die and any players that miss their timing with Evasive Maneuvers will be killed. Once the ability has gone off the boss will re-engage the raid and the fight will continue. The raids will have to decide if they want to wipe the fight or if they can revive the dead. Regardless of when the last time a dragon head became active a dragon head will become active 15 seconds after the boss jumps down giving the raid little time to recover to its fullest capabilities.

Once at 2% of its health the boss will stop all actions and begin channeling an ability that will cause the dragon heads to become active constantly (every 10 seconds a new dragon head will begin). This will result in tremendous amounts of raid damage flying out unless the puzzle teams are quick enough to quell the total output; healers prepare! The channel will last a total of 60 seconds and if the boss reaches the end of the channel then the raid will be pulsed with four room wide AoEs that will kill them. At this point raids can choose to heal through the AoE damage and put ALL of their players to the task of killing the boss or if heals cannot handle that much AoE damage but have the DPS output they can assign an additional group to solving the puzzles.

Achievement Opportunity: Solve no puzzles during the channel phase...

Good luck, raiders…
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