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Postby Layenem » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:10 pm

As most of us know raids are an important aspect to a successful (read: fun) MMORPG... Can an MMO survive without one? Sure. You'll have constant complaints and demands for raids so why not just provide those who love your game with that additional aspect?

While we spend a lot of our time daydreaming about raiding (those of us working on Sacrament AND those of you who do other stuffs) at some point we'd like to feel like our rants and raves about it could wind up somewhere... right? I'm not the only one that feels that way... is it? I hope not...

SO! What I'm asking players to do is to come here and essentially theorycraft raid ideas. Hit us with your best shot! Soon we'll show you one of ours so I hope you look forward to that but for now I'd like to see how your brains are working here! If your idea inspires me to go at it and start writing out an actual raid we'll contact you and name one of the NPCs within the raid after you (be it the boss or a non-hostile NPC whining and moaning about how weak they are... *grin*).

SPECIAL NOTE: You may see me use the term "Achievement Opportunity" in some of these threads. The question came up at one point to "Do we want to have Normal and Hard Mode raids..." Personally, I hate that shit. If your raid is scaled to it's difficulty level then does it really need a "Hard Mode"? Shouldn't there just be a new tier of raids? That's my thoughts and our team shared it, at least for the time being. So the Achievement Opportunities are ways for players to challenge themselves even further in the raid without having to run a HM version of it. The Achievement itself will actually reward all players who participate in it a beautiful reward (be it a passive, mount, other item of high value/importance... even a higher version of a current ability). The Achievement Opportunities are raid wide.

ALLOW ME TO SET A FEW PARAMETERS to keep you from feeling overwhelmed:

1- Don't bother posting specific numbers. These items are figured out when we have metrics and defined during the gruesome testing process.

2- You do NOT have to create an entire raid. Do so if you wish but a Boss Fight Scenario (BFS) or Pre Boss Fight Scenario (PBFS) is all it takes to get the spark rolling.

3- Feel free to talk with others about your raid and further create a unique idea. We'll be watching 8-)

4- TO THAT END: feel free to add to other people's raids and if they like it they may edit and add your name in the original post.

I may add more to this if needed or if I've overlooked something. Remember: we are a mechanics driven system so feel free to write up a fight where you only ever beat on the boss but understand that we won't consider it for any in-game work and most people will likely just pass it up. SPICE THINGS UP!!!! And don't forget to scare the shit out of the healers!

SPECIAL NOTE: DO NOT SHIT TALK SOMEONE'S WRITING. If you want to do shit like that just go to another forum where people give a fuck about your ego. No one here cares. It's just as easy to move on and be an asshole somewhere else.
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