A Bloody Day

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A Bloody Day

Postby SawJacksoul » Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:07 pm

So for this next story I decided to do a Dark Souls cover with my own character and his experiences in the realm of Drangleic. It’s a completely accurate depiction of an area in one of the DLCs. Anyone who’s played it should be able to see the area I’m in and the enemies I face. A sad sign of how much I’ve played this game that I can recall an entire area from memory lol. However yes I’m well aware I either left some things out or switched them a bit so don’t quote me. Enjoy. And sorry about breaking it up. I just tried to post it and the max character limit is 60k. Mine is 72239. But hey congrats to me for breaking the max character limit lol.

I rose up from the fire once more. Killed by those damn fiends. I pulled out one of my effigies and crushed it between my hands to revert to my human form. I removed my greathelm, which was part of the set worn by the mighty warrior Havel, and set it down. My face was very masculine in structure. I had pronounced cheekbones and a refined, sharp nose. My eyes were a dark shade of red. It always caught looks from those who weren’t out of their damn minds in this land. My hair was black and slicked back except for one sharp strand that hung down over my forehead. Underneath the rest of my armor, I was incredibly muscled. You had to be strong to carry such weights and to survive in a land as dangerous as this.

I examined the rest of my armor. It was incredibly thick. It was all a grayish silver color with chains lacing all over it, especially around the gauntlets. The armor was incredibly ancient but its makers did such a splendid job that it’s still in fantastic condition over the years. It was supposedly made completely out of titanite, a very rare stone made by the gods. The rock could withstand many blows which, in this land, is a very much needed thing.

I next examined my shield and sword. The shield was the same as the armor with its dull silver color and chains criss crossing across it. Massive in size, weighing probably about 40 pounds and made out of titanite. It was one of the strongest greatshields in the land. My sword was a zweihander. The long blade stretched higher than I was tall. The hilt was like a cross and slightly above it the blade had two serrated edges on each side. Otherwise the blade was completely smooth in its design and could slice through the strongest of armor. It also served as an effective battering weapon due its immense weight; roughly 20 pounds. Even with my years of stamina and training, they were both still a bit of a strain to wield. I placed my helm back on myself. It was different from most other helms. It had an arch that started at the front of it and went down to the back of the neck. Instead of a visor, the entire front of the helm was grated. I personally thought it extended my vision more even if it exposed my face to arrows a bit more.

After securing my helm back in place, I re-began my journey back to the next bonfire’s location. I was in Shulva the Sanctum City, realm of the Sunken King. No one knew the king’s name. He existed in a time long before I did. The city itself was beautiful but had a particular gloom over it. It was completely underground but the cavern was beyond massive. I stood on a cliffside that lead to the city. An enormous structure in the middle would immediately catch anyone’s eye. It seemed to be a temple or pyramid of sorts. Everything was stone and covered in centuries of moss. The cavern itself just seemed to have a natural glow providing light. It was strange but I didn’t question it.

I followed the path down to where I knew my first enemy would be. It was just a lone sanctum knight. He donned armor that seemed ancient and wielded a shield and lance, all of which were covered in moss. The ancient warrior was sitting on the ground and I swiftly brought my gargantuan sword down upon his head. His head was smashed in, splattering a bit of brain matter onto the wall behind him. He fell down limp and the precious souls he had were gifted to me. Turning a bend around the rocky wall, I encountered the next opponents. Upon them spotting me, they raised their bows as they prepared to fire on me. I lifted my shield and let the arrows harmlessly fall to the ground as I moved up. I hit a little triangular pillar that was covered in hieroglyphics. It rotated and slid into a slot underneath it causing a rumble in the ground to become present. A large rectangular hole that the knights were standing near had a large structure ascend up out of it. It caught the knights off balance and knocked a few off the ledge behind them. The last one charged for me but I bashed it down to the ground with my shield. I stood over it as it tried to get up and smashed a heavy boot onto its skull, causing it to explode all over the ground. Blood streamed down off the edge and I wiped the bits of its brain off my boot.

I reached a ledge overlooking the next area. The only way to proceed is to jump. I stepped back and ran forward, launching myself off the ledge. The crash to the ground was hard with all my weight but I was unharmed. Nearby knights noticed my fall and began to move in towards me. Two came from the front and one was behind me. I quickly swung in a wide arc at the two in front of me. I caught one, slicing it clean in half, its blood spraying out from the severed halves of it. The other one had jumped away from the deadly strike. Little did I know that the knight behind picked up speed and slashed at me. My armor deflected the blow of the ancient sword and I wheeled my elbow around, crashing it into the side of the knight’s head. The knight went down and I turned my focus back to the one before me.

It stood ready with it’s shield raised in a defensive stance. I planned to easily overwhelm it’s miniscule defense. My sword was already hurling towards the knight when it swept its shield against my sword. The shield cracked but my sword was knocked far back as I fell to the ground. The knight stood over me and embedded its sword in my stomach. I cried out and punched the knight in the face before getting back up. My shield was left on the ground as I clenched the knight by its throat and walked to the ledge. I prepared to throw it off when another sword protruded from my stomach. I’d forgotten about the fucking one I’d knocked down to the ground. I groaned in immense pain and felt my life ebbing away from me again. The knight in my hand fell to its impending doom as I let go. I whirled around in a rage as I faced the knight before me. Its frail frame would be easily broken. I threw my sword down with a clatter and took a brisk step forward. The knight stepped back a little but I had already reached it. It swung for me but I caught its fist then used my other hand to slam against its elbow, shattering it inwards. The creature shrieked in pain as it fell down. I glared at it with angry eyes and grabbed the broken arm. I began to viciously pull as the limb tore away, its dark blood shooting out in a waterwork display. With it now in my hand, I beat the knight with its own arm into submission then threw it off the cliffside. The two swords were protruding from my stomach as I ripped them out. Blood gushed out of the wounds, down my armor until I drank some of my estus. The warm, fiery drink flooded through my veins, sealing all of my wounds. I was drenched in the foul mire of my enemies as I went to retrieve my armaments.

I battled through hordes of these undead knights until I reached the next bonfire which was only reached by using those platform mechanisms to create a path up to the structure it was resting in. Sitting at the warmth of the bonfire restored my weapons and armor to perfect condition and cleansed my body of all of its wounds. I stood and sensed something amiss. Something was shining in my pack. I groaned already knowing what it was. I opened the bottomless pack and sure enough, my red soapstone sign was emitting its blood red light, alerting me to the presence of an invader. I rummaged about my pack until I found what I was looking for. My staff and greatbow were now in my hands. The staff was used to make myself transparent. My bow I held in hand as I moved out of the room onto a platform overlooking an open area with a decrepit old bridge. I played the waiting game and let the time pass as I waited for my intruder to reveal themselves.

Some time passed before something caught my eye, a bright red figure. And that’s when I saw him. My invader, shrouded in the red glow of someone who crosses worlds to cause havoc. He was wearing a tight fitting ninja set and was slowly moving towards my location. However, he had to cross that bridge first. And that’s where he’d meet his demise. I watched his slow progress as he headed for the bridge. He’d be out in the open once he began his crossing. I waited for him to move out on it but he began a dead sprint. Fuck. I quickly loaded an arrow into the massive drawstring and took aim. The arrow sailed through the air towards the intruder. He must’ve seen it coming because he dived forward out of the way. He knew where I was now so I began to move. The only way down from the bonfire was to jump a small distance to the ledge below. I put the shield in my bottomless pack and took out a glove outfitted with claws. I slipped it over my right hand and kept my sword with me.

After re-equipping myself, I jumped down to the ledge and moved out of the building towards the invader’s location. As soon as I left the structure, the invader had already reached my area. We locked eyes as I moved towards him. He tried to swoop in and stab me with his dagger. I quickly backhanded him away before the blow could pierce my armor. The invader quickly recovered and tried to drink some of his estus, wasting it before I could really hurt him. I immediately ran forward and tackled him down, knocking the estus away. My clawed hand was used to slash at his face, easily tearing through the mask and flesh. He managed to get away from me and searched for his estus until he spotted it behind me. He took a running start towards me. I swung my sword horizontally towards him but he jumped and dropkicked me in the chest. He fell to the ground and I was only slightly stunned. I laughed maniacally as I grabbed him by the ankle before he could crawl away. “You’re gonna die little man,” my dark, ominous voice echoed. He squirmed in my grasp as I pulled him to me. He flipped onto his back and kicked me in the face, disorienting me and knocking my helm off. I growled as he scrambled away from me. He got up and ran for me, slicing wildly. I swung but he dodged and dragged his dagger across my cheek. I let out a loud yell as I dropped my sword and grabbed his neck. I squeezed down with an iron grip until I felt his windpipe crush. He choked for air and I aimed my claw over his heart before plunging it in, going straight through his body.. He cried out but quickly died as I softly “shhhhh”’ed him. I pulled my arm out from the bloody new space in his body. I let him fall to the ground as I held his heart in my hand. I examined it as blood oozed down my arm. It gave a few fading beats before stopping. Once it gave its last, I crushed it in my hand, blood spraying everywhere. The invader wasn’t dead in his own world but he felt all of that. Let it be a lesson to not bother me again.

I proceeded to the bridge the invader had crossed and moved on past it. There was another bridge a little ways past it leading to a structure built into the side of a mountainous wall. It was guarded by two of the sanctum knights. I moved forward until I heard a roar and felt a rumbling. I stopped dead in my tracks. Something swooped off to my right. I turned my head to see the dragon I passed at the entrance of this place. I thought it was dead. It had a mighty spear sticking straight through its chest. The blood that dried around the spear was almost a turquoise color. The dragon itself looked like it was made out of colorless gray stone, much like everything else in this city. It let loose a green ball of fire towards the bridge. I quickly got out of the way but the two knights were completely obliterated. I smelled something peculiar. I quickly held my breathe when I realized what it was. The dragon’s breathe was toxic. Inhaling too much would poison me. I had purple moss that was an antidote to any poison but I didn’t want to go wasting it.

Once the dragon had rounded the rocky wall and soared off to somewhere else in the massive caverns, I proceeded across the bridge. It led to a carved out tunnel, leading me inside of the rocky wall. It had massive stone slabs obstructing the pathways that rose up into the ceiling as I approached the giant obstacle. The tunnel led out to a small room with a single doorway leading out, opposite to where I entered. To the left was a door but it had proved to be locked. I took the opening out of the room which led to another dull, gray room. There were three paths, one straight ahead, one to the right, and on the left was a button next to a wall panel. I pushed it which raised the wall, however, a path wasn’t revealed. Instead there was a corpse with a few remnants of souls on it, which I collected. The corpse must have been trapped when the door closed behind it when they realized that it was a dead end. I looked at the path that was dead ahead from the way I had entered. It was down a destroyed flight of stairs so I couldn’t get up once I descended down. The path to the right seemed most promising so I steered myself in that direction.

It opened up to a half octogonal room. To the left of me was a small flight of stairs heading down to the area and straight ahead was just a small drop into the room. I was about to take the drop when something caught my attention. In the middle of the room, facing away from me, were two ghostlike knights. They were much bigger than the other ones and dual-wielded scimitars. On the left side of the left knight, and same on the right, were two raised tables with armor sets exactly like theirs. Except they had an eerie dark red smoke emanating from them. I pulled a small longbow out of my pack and took aim at the knight. The arrow flew through the air and passed right through the knight. What? How could this be? The knight didn’t react and I fired another arrow. Same result. Perhaps they were just simply ghostly apparitions that couldn’t do harm to me. I stepped down into the room and approached the knights. Both of them turned towards me and I stood warily. They began a charge and I raised my shield on instinct. Their dual scimitars impacted against my greatshield and I was pushed back a little. They were real!? What are they? My gaze turned towards those crumbling suits of armor on the tables. I smashed one to pieces with a single blow and one of the knights came to full form. He was no longer ghostlike but was now in the completely physical world. His armor had the same dull and moss covered appearance of the lesser knights. The ghostly one was behind him so I lunged my sword forward. With no shield to defend himself, the greatsword impaled the knight. With a heavy arm, I heaved the knight above myself. My shield was raised and blocked the blows of the other knight. I let out a yell as I flung the knight at the other set of armor. The one before me became a physical form. I stopped to think how I couldn’t hurt them in their ghostly form yet I could block their blows. Strange indeed. It charged forward and took a giant leap into the air. I raised my shield, expecting the blow. It came and I was knocked down under the weight. The knight swung at me but I rolled out of the way and swept its feet out from under it. I quickly recovered back up and kicked it down to the ground as it tried to rise. Before it could make another move, I brought my sword down upon its neck. The head rolled away from the lifeless body, leaving a trail of blood behind it. I kicked the head away across the room and received the souls for my kill.

I now had a moment to examine the room around me. The walls had torches mounted on them a few feet apart from each other. There was a series of old, metallic chests lining the walls. Six of them. I was delighted at the finds, for the most part. The chests contained some titanite slabs, the largest and rarest pieces to find, more greatarrows for my bow, a large quantity of souls, and a piece of armor that was missing from the rest of its set. I was about to depart from the last chest when I noticed a small book inside. It was very old and dusty. The words History of the Sanctum City were on it. I flipped it opened and began to read through the pages. It spoke of the rise of a glorious king. He had this city built and didn’t have a massive amount of inhabitants but a decent amount nonetheless. I skipped ahead to see the city’s downfall. It couldn’t of always been like this desolate city. The book told of the king’s greatest warrior, Yorgh, went to find the slumbering dragon Sinh. He took his mighty spear and impaled the dragon with it. But the dragon wasn’t dead. The wound released a toxic mist that killed the entire city. The last few pages were the writer’s dying moment as they described the now undead creatures patrolling the city and the ancient dragon with Yorgh’s spear sticking through its chest. So that was the dragon I encountered. Sinh. I hoped to not encounter it again.

Facing back towards the stairs, I saw an opening off to the right of them. I moved between the opening and it led to a room with windows overlooking the area where the broken stairs led to. Multiple adversaries were waiting down there but couldn’t reach me for now. In the room I was currently in, a few sanctum knights were sitting around aimlessly until they caught sight of me. I stomped one’s frail chest in that was laying on the ground next to me. Some blood pooled around its body from the ribs now piercing the sides as I turned to face the other two. One had a dark green fog swirling around it. Based on the descriptions of this place, I suspected it to be poisonous. The poisonous one jumped forward, swinging its mace down in a vertical arc. I bashed my shield forward and knocked it down from the air. Before it could react, I stabbed my sword through its chest into the ground. The second knight attacked before I could dislodge my sword. I effectively moved out of the way and threw my shield down. “You want a piece of me?” I growled at the knight as I moved towards it. It swung its sword but I effortlessly knocked it away with my gauntlet. Now defenseless and myself mere inches away, I kicked one of its knees inward, shattering it. The knight immediately dropped to the ground in pain. I grabbed its sword and placed the blade against its neck before pushing down. Blood began pool up through the wound as the blade was forced through its neck. Once the head was detached, I threw the head and body down at its allies who were unable to help it. They seemed unfazed but I didn’t care. The room was beginning to be covered in blood from my slain enemies. Among the fiends down on the floor was a dark spell caster. She seemed to have her own dark aura over her. She wore a dirty torn up dress. It completely hid her legs, making it seem like the dress around her feet was her actual lower body. Her upper body was exposed but it had the rotted appearance of someone who is undead. Upon her head she wore some sort of helm. It covered most of her face except for her mouth and had dark wings standing up on the back of it on either side. Her eyes locked onto me, knowing I was coming for them. I retrieved my bloodstained sword and shield. I myself was covered in the drained life of my enemies.

With my weapons retrieved, I turned to face the ledge overlooking my new adversaries. They watched me intently, gauging my next move. I ran and leaped down to them, landing on top of one of the knights. It was crushed under my massive weight and I stood up to face my enemies. They had already begun to swarm in for me. There were three knights plus the spellcaster. I immediately whipped my sword around in a large vertical arc. One knight was cut clean in half but the other two dodged and blocked the attack. I raised my shield as orbs of black magic were flying through the air towards me. They caused very little damage through my shield. Havel was not a big fan of magic so on top of great physical defense, it also had very high magic resistance. The knights had begun closing in on me once more. I responded by charging forward and body slamming one to the ground. The other swung at my shoulder but couldn’t get through my armor. I quickly sliced through the legs of the knight before me, ensuring it couldn’t be a threat, and turned towards the other knight. It stood ready and pulled out a lance it had stored. More threatening to piercing my armor. A dark orb hit me in the side, draining my life from me. I turned to the spellcaster and prepared to charge her when a sharp pain became prominent in my side. The knight had reacted quicker than I thought and had stabbed its lance into my side. I groaned in pain as it pulled the lance out from my wound. Blood poured out of it down the skirt of my armor and dripped to the floor. I growled and kicked the knight in the chest, stumbling it backwards. Now disoriented, I sliced in a horizontal arc at its chest. It went through the knight’s upper arms and the rest of its body although the strike took some effort. The blade was dulling. It would need fixed soon. The spellcaster had fired another orb into my back. I felt myself nearing closer to death. I could not die again. The bonfire was too far back for me to deal with this shit again. Before the caster could charge up another spell, I charged her and rammed my sword straight through her abdomen. I pushed in until my sword was at its full length sticking through her and her face was inches from mine. I let out a growl as I kicked her off of my blade. I panted and heard a death like moan behind me. The legless knight was crawling away, leaving a large trail of blood behind it. I moved towards it and removed a knife from my pack. I squatted down on top of the knight and dragged the knife across its throat, putting an end to its misery and its blood spilling onto the floor. I felt my life quickly fading from me as well and I took a drink from my estus, the warm liquid revitalizing me and repairing my injuries.

The only way forward was through another opening but it was blocked by a large circular stone. It had ancient marks on it and had two openings. One was too small to fit through but the other was large enough to get by. However the opening was up at the top of the circle. I sat down for a moment to rest as I thought about removing the obstacle. Right in front of it lay a large button. I stood up and moved to step on it. The button sank into the ground and the circle rumbled as it started to rotate. It stopped before the opening was on the floor. I placed myself on the button and once more the circle rotated until the opening was able to be accessed.

Upon proceeding through the entryway, I was immediately faced with a wall on the other side. The left led to a dead end and the right stretched down a long distance. The hallway was very narrow. Just enough space for one person to walk through. With no other direction, I headed down the hallway. A little distance down, there were two narrow paths going left and right. I checked both ways but they led to dead ends however the one on the right had a stone slab that looked like it could be raised out of the way. There weren’t any switches nearby so I pressed on. A bit farther down, the hallway sunk down a small flight of stairs. The stairs were destroyed, however, they revealed a hole below. Once I went down I couldn’t turn back so I jumped the small gap to finished exploring up here. Just a bit farther down, another pathway opened up on my left. I proceeded through the narrow opening to a small room. To the left was a dead end with a knight standing there. To the right was a flight of stairs leading to another room.

I swiftly ran the knight through with my sword to avoid a conflict. Down the stairs I could see there were two more knights. I stepped forward when a tile slid down under my foot. Upon hearing a click, several spikes jutted out from the sides of the walls on the stairway, impaling anything that would’ve been there. I had an idea. I sidestepped the switch and headed down the stairs. The knights locked onto me and began their trudge to me. I backed up the stairs as they followed. Once they were on the stairs, I bolted to the top. They continued their slow pace after me when I had turned around. I stepped on the tile as I watched spikes shoot out from the walls and impale different parts of the knights. Blood ran down each of the spikes and the spikes retracted, knocking their dead bodies to the floor. Once I had received my due souls, I headed back down the stairs to the chests they were guarding. There were two of them. One had some souls and the other had some very rare twinkling titanite. This special material was used on weapons and armor that refused to have regular titanite attached to it. After claiming my treasure, I returned back to the hole in the stairs and jumped down it.

Upon landing down in the crevice, two paths were presented to me. To my right, the narrow path turned a corner that revealed a hole that opened up to a room below. I didn’t like the appearance of it so I turned my attention to the other direction. It led out to one of the larger chambers I’ve been in since entering this structure. A small set of stairs descended down to the ground level. The floor was made up of sand that had several small spikes sticking up from the ground. Based on their size and relative closeness to each other, they shouldn’t be able to pierce my boots. More of those ghostly sanctum knights were patrolling about. They hadn’t spotted me yet. A small path alongside the spikes was seen before me. The wall right next to me on my right led forward along the open path till it turned about thirty degrees to the left. At that point it became archways that led to the other half of the room. On the top of the archways was a path that had one of the dark spellcasters up there. I took a few minutes to strategize how to proceed.

I stood up from sitting down back in the hole under the stairs now that I had formulated a plan. Upon re-entering the room, the knights had kept to their patrols and the witch continued sweeping her gaze over the room. I retrieved my greatbow and loaded one of the javelin sized arrows into the drawstring. With a muffled grunt, I pulled the string back as far as my muscles would allow me before granting it the ability to whip through the air. It hit its mark as the arrow now stuck straight through the abdomen of the spellcaster upon her perch on the archway path. She immediately dropped to the ground as the ghostly knight patrolling this half of the room turned its gaze towards me. I quickly shoved my bow back in its pack as I bolted down the opened path. The knight ran towards me as I darted past it under the archways. I could now see the rest of the room that had remained hidden from my sight. To the right, past another bed of spikes, lay another one of those circular rotating doors. I didn’t bother with it for the moment. Dead ahead along the path of spikes was a ladder leading up to the archway path. Right next to the ladder on the wall I was facing was another stone slab that appeared as if it could ascend out of the way. The other knight patrolling this room had begun his chase after me along with the other knight. I jumped onto the ladder and quickly scrambled up it to escape my pursuers. They hovered around the ladder that they were too big for as they watched me intently. Now no longer a threat, I proceeded down the archway to see where it led. I removed the arrow from the dead spellcaster causing her blood to spill all over the ground from the new massive orifice in her body. The end of the pathway went through an entryway that led into a three walled room.

The entryway I entered through opened up through one of the corners of the room. Directly across from me were a set of stairs leading to another stone slab sealing off a doorway. To the left were the walls that made up the room. But the wall that was supposed to be on my right was missing. Instead, there was a pathway leading to a tunnel that descended down somewhere. The pathway was directly above the hole I’d entered the room through thus why I didn’t see it. In the room I was already in, another ghostly knight and spellcaster were waiting in here. The knight was at the foot of the stairs and the spellcaster was on the right side of them, guarding a chest. I took all of this in within a second and quickly removed a simple longsword from my pack while depositing my zweihander. I ran forward and impaled the witch before either of them could react to me. My sword was yanked free, causing the wound to spit blood all over the floor, as I ran for the pathway. The tunnel descended down and had a bit of spiral until it opened up to another large chamber. It was almost like a mausoleum of sorts. The walls were lined with suits of the sanctum knights’ armor. Some of them had those red fogs emanating from them, indicating to me which ones needed to be destroyed. There was a huge rectangular crevice in the middle of the floor. It was only crossable either by two small bridges leading over it or on the sides along the walls. At the opposite end of room were three more ghostly sanctum knights. I could hear the one behind me running down the stairs after me. I immediately started left and began destroying the ghostly armor sets. The other knights in the room began to cross the room to reach me. One met up with me along the left side of the wall. My shield was instantly raised as its sword swung towards me. The blow was bounced off and I shoved my shield forward, knocking the knight back. Before it could recover, I knocked the knight to the side, sending it flying into the abyss below. With no more opposition in front of me, but instead all behind me, I quickly continued about the room destroying all the armor that bound the knights to another form. The three knights were now in a destroyable form. I returned my sword to the pack and dug around in it. My hand closed around what I was looking for. A black firebomb was removed from the bag as the knights were crossing one of the bridges for me. I gave a malicious grin as I lit the bomb alight and rolled it down the bridge. The oblivious monstrosities all stepped over it as the bomb exploded. All three knights were caught off guard as they began their descent into the dark maw that awaited them below.

I collected my due reward of a rather decent collection of souls that were still remaining on a few corpses in the room. With my increased strength from the souls I received, I made my way back up the tunnel to the room with the chest and stairs. I opened the chest and heard a distinct click. When the lid came open, a crossbow was rigged to be pointing just over the top rim of the chest. A string was hooked around the trigger and several shots were sent to my stomach. Luckily, my armor was strong enough for the shots to uselessly fall to the floor. Right next to the chest was another one of those panels I’ve seen around. I pushed it in, causing a rumbling to begin as the stone slab at the top of the stairs opened. Upon investigating the new pathway, I discovered it led back to that narrow hallway with the hole in the broken stairs.

Returning back the archway path, I was greeted with, what I thought, a most hilarious sight. The two remaining knights down below had solidified and their feet had been immediately pierced by the spikes encompassing most of the room. Blood had now been tracked all about the sand when they released their feet and wandered the room. When they rediscovered my presence, one of the knights just stood in place watching me as the other one pulled out a rather odd looking crossbow. It was box shaped in design but when it pulled the trigger, three bolts were rapidly shot in quick succession towards me. One pierced my shoulder while the rest fell to the ground. I yanked the arrow out and withdrew my own bow. The knight prepared to fire again when one my greatarrows embedded itself in the knight’s head. It immediately dropped down onto the the spikes, becoming pierced by them and its blood pooled around on the ground. The other knight shifted around as it watched my display up above. I retrieved my zweihander back out of the pack as I stared the knight down. I stepped to the back of the archway and jumped forward, my legs extended, as my feet crashed into the chest of the knight about ten feet below. It flew back onto the spikes and was pinned to the ground but wasn’t dead yet. My armor was too strong for the spikes to pierce so instead they bent under my weight crashing onto them. The knight was leaning his head up, keeping it from being pierced by a spike underneath it. I walked across the prickly floor, safe inside my armor, and stomped the knights head down onto its demise.

I stepped off the spikes and swept my gaze across the room. I noticed three different switches scattered about the room. One was in the ceiling above the pathway I was on, another between the archway openings, and the last one was on the other side of the circular door. I shot the one in the ceiling with my dragonrider bow I obtained from one of the more dangerous creatures of a different land. The panel sunk in and the spikes on all of the floor retracted back into the ground. The switch between the archways opened the slab that was blocking the entryway next to the ladder. Inside was a chest that contained a small tear like stone. I stored it in my pack as it could be needed later. To rotate the circular slab, I had to move from the archway to the floor to shoot the switch that was inside the room. In the room lay a chest that was guarded by another knight. I was tired of dealing with them so I swiftly sidestepped his attack and positioned myself behind the knight. I kicked his knee out and once the knight fell, I brought my sword up and slammed it down on the back of the knight. I heard its spine crack in multiple places. It was definitely dead. When I opened the chest, I found the scroll detailing how to use a certain dark spell. With the room seemingly cleared, I moved back on the other side of the archway and continued down a flight of stairs to another area.

At the bottom of the stairs, another knight stood their dual wielding those multiple shot crossbows. I raised my shield as the shots uselessly hit the other side and pulled out a chime. I raised my hand as a magnificent bolt of lightning appeared in my hand. The knight was reloading as I flung the bolt at it. It hit the knight right in the chest and electricity swirled around it as it collapsed to the ground. I looked at the pit that was next to the stairs I descended. I noticed a panel hiding up in the corner above the pit. I loaded an arrow and let it fly into the panel, pushing it in. The wall rumbled up above the stairs as I saw a stone slab slid up. I made my way back upstairs to the ladder and climbed up. The wall I was facing now had an entryway the revealed a tunnel that immediately turned to the right. I took a running start and jumped the gap into the tunnel. Following the small tunnel, I was filled with excitement at my find. On the ground before me was a bonfire. I quickly lit it, letting the flames bring their warmth over me. My armor and weapons were repaired as usual and my estus was refilled to its max.

Once I recovered from the flames, I followed the rest of the tunnel out to an opening that overlooked the stairs below. I dropped down to them and dispatched the knight that had reappeared with his crossbows. On the opposite side of the stairs was a balcony overlooking a massive chamber. There were several huge stone pillars grouped relatively close together. The drop over the railing was too far to survive so I chose to proceed down the tunnel to the right of the stairs. It was similar to the other narrow hallway in that it was a tight fit. A path branched off to the right and the path ahead became a dead end. I took the adjacent hallway which led into a small room. It had two stairways heading down to the floor on either side. But the room seemed to be a dead end. I walked down the stairs anyways to have a path underneath the ledge I was on be revealed. It was another tunnel that was descending down farther. Several messages people left from their world scattered the ground. They all spoke of a miscreant and trouble ahead.

I put on my pyromancy flame and swathed my sword in fire in preparation for whatever lies ahead. I knew what it was when my red soapstone let off its crimson glow. The tunnel opened up to a large rectangular room that had a slightly descending slope. At the bottom of the slope on the right wall was another large tunnel door leading out. And also, standing at the bottom, was my intruder, enveloped in the burning red glow of one who travels worlds to attack others. Must’ve been waiting in his world invading whoever came along. I actually knew this wayfarer. His name was Jester Thomas. He was once summoned forth to my world in order to assist me with one of the more powerful creatures there. That’s when he introduced himself to me. And now here he was, making a rude gesture and preparing to attack me. In this land it’s everyone for themselves so I took up a battle ready stance. His clothing was that of what you would expected of a typical jester. Clownish looking clothing with a jingly hat. The only weapons he wielded were two pyromancy flames. Although from my previous experiences with him, he is more than efficient with them. One fiery hand he raised and it lit up with a magnificent light. A ball of fire manifested in his hand as he flung the orb at me. I rolled out of the way of it and a small pool of lava was left bubbling on the floor. Before I could even recover another had been thrown at me. It caught me in the back and I could feel in the intense heat slowly getting through my armor. It was nearing unbearable levels as my armor began to melt. The spikes on the spine were the first to go but the lava halted there thankfully. I ran towards Thomas and flung my sword in a lightning fast horizontal arc. He rolled underneath the strike and spun around, making a flamethrower appear from his hands. It burned my chestplate and left a scorched mark. I attached my shield to my back and wielded my sword in both hands. The jester prepared to move when I swung my sword in a vertical arc towards him. It cracked the ground on its impact as Thomas moved away just as I expected him to. Before he could prepared another move against me, I swept my sword across the ground and caught his legs, knocking them out from under him. Jester Thomas was now lying on his back defenseless as I stood over him. I raised my sword, preparing to finished him, when he kipped up and evaded out of the way. By the time I turned towards him, his hands with raised with a fiery glow and then slammed them into the ground. I knew the attack and ran to get out of the way. But it was too late. Massive flaming pillars erupted from the ground all around me. One came up under me, scorching me alive and launched me into the air. I could feel the flames lick through the cracks of my armor, scarring my skin. I was quickly dying. This adversary was going to best me. Once I crashed to the ground, the majority of my armor was melted and I was rapidly losing blood from lack of flesh containing it. It pooled around me, staining the ground. Light faded from my eyes as life escaped my grasp. As long as the pain ended I didn’t care

The bonfire’s warmth washed over me as my eyes opened up. I was sitting back in that hidden tunnel above the stairs. It’s a good thing too. The next closest bonfire was all the way back towards the main area of this place. Damn. I would have to change my strategy to beat Thomas as he’s likely still there. I slipped out of my armor, my flesh gray and rotten in my hollowed form, and rummaged around my pack. My search brought up what I was searching for. I first retrieved another effigy to become human again and then a small stone with a picture of a dragon on it. My hand slid over the top of the stone and I was immediately wrapped in armor. The armor seemed like it was supposed to be a golden color but has long since diminished to black, as if scorched by fire. A tail hung down the back and the helm was in the shape of a dragon’s head. The armor was attached to my skin till I died once more. I also retrieved an onxy scimitar that had a jagged design to match the design of the armor.

With my new armaments, I remade my way back to the jester. He was still waiting in the same room, guarding the only exit. The armor was made from dragon scales which would protect me from most of his fire attacks. As long as I didn’t boil in the armor I’d be fine. Thomas started by hurling another fireball at me. I decided to test the capabilities of the armor by letting it impact. The chestplate grew warm on impact but held easily. The jester immediately caught on and upped his attack. He threw dual fireballs now, which I easily evaded. I moved in close and swung the sword at him. He rolled out of the way but I swung the sword down towards him and it caught his shoulder as he was rolling away. Blood started to ooze down the wound but the jester seemed unfazed. Thomas raised his hands like he did before and as he planted them to the ground, I rolled behind him. Now completely vulnerable and finishing summoning the fiery pillars all around, I rammed my sword straight through his back. I heard a dying groan escape his mouth as I pushed the blade completely through. The jagged edges tore his flesh apart further until I kicked him off the blood to the floor. He lay there, slightly stirring on the floor. I took my sword and stabbed it into his back then dragged it down, leaving a menacing looking tear on his back. Blood pooled out until the phantom had departed from this world.

With Jester Thomas now out of the way, I turned my attention to the doorway. It had another small descending slope that had water lying at the bottom. Not very deep. Only to my ankles I’d say. But at the end of the entryway was a fog door. The menacing white mist was unnerving. It could be containing a dangerous beast inside. Or it was in place to keep someone from wandering into the area. I put my hand through, causing the fog to dissipate. As I stepped through the entryway, I found myself in a massive flooded cave. The water was easily traversable as it wasn’t very deep. But that wasn’t the problem. Enormous stalagmites protruded from the ground and around them were massive creatures roaming about. They were hideous and frightening. They stood on their hind legs but had no arms. They were almost like a tyrannosaurus rex in shape. Roughly the same size. But with a more flat and broader head. But the most unnerving part was that they had no eyes and it was almost as if their bodies were made from oil. Tar black and slimy in appearance. The slime seemed to just move around it. I scanned the room when a small light caught my attention. I directed my gaze and rejoiced but then fell flat. An unlit bonfire was in the cave. But it was on the opposite side of the cave in the corner. And that was a good running distance away past a horde of those beasts.

I sat down in the water, cooling my armor, and came up with a plan. They didn’t have eyes, or really any facial features for that matter aside from their mouth full of menacing teeth, so they were blind. Or at least they seemed to be. My plan would be a complete failure if they weren’t. I retrieve my staff from my pack and utilized a spell that completely silenced my footsteps. Stomping my foot into the water proved the spell worked. I slowly made my way into the cave and headed for the bonfire. The nearest one to me didn’t react to my presence and continued its patrol. I made sure to move at a slow but steady pace to make sure not to disturb the water too much. I’m sure they could still feel. I saw a few I got closer to raise their heads in the air. The way they moved their heads made it seem as if they were inhaling. They could smell me. I made sure to try and give them a bit more space from myself but the ones roaming a bit closer together didn’t make it easy.

When I was about three fourths of the way there, I heard a very nearby splash that was unlike those of the beasts. I looked down to see it was my own footstep. Shit. The spell had worn off. I immediately whipped my head around. The last two beasts I had passed immediately turned their heads in my direction and began towards me. I immediately took off in a sprint for the bonfire. I ran faster than I ever could in Havel’s armor but it didn’t seem fast enough. I was knocked onto my face and felt a strong current of electricity wash over my body, causing me great pain. Upon looking behind me, I saw the great maws of those abominations agape and great black orbs were being spewed from them. I immediately regained my feet and took off again, dodging the income threats. Explosions were heard in the water behind me as I ran. I looked back behind me and saw those beasts running straight for me. They were much faster than their size would suggest and were catching up quickly. I reached the bonfire and lit it then looked back behind me. They were gone. I was baffled when I was knocked to the ground. They were now standing over me. They had leaped the last of that whole distance. I was astounded but tried to get away. One reared its head back, jaws stretched wide, and snapped them down. I cried out in pain as I felt several things break and crush. It tightened its grip till my bones were almost dust before throwing me to the ground. I was choking on the last bits of my life as I saw one massive clawed foot be raised above me then start to slam down.
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Re: A Bloody Day

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I came to on the little mound of sand the bonfire sat on. Everywhere else was just the seemingly endless pool. My armor had disappeared from my flesh upon my death. I searched my pack again till I found the mighty armor of Havel and donned it once more. I also retrieved my zweihander and Havel’s shield from the pack as well, completing my set as well as another effigy. If a flash could be described in a word, that’s what I heard and I saw a small glow out of the corner of my eye. Below the surface of the water glowed someone’s summon sign. I rejoiced at the sight and immediately jumped at the chance to summon an ally. I waited for a few seconds to allow my new companion to be brought forth. They slowly apparated into existence before my eyes, their white aura letting anyone know they’re an ally to the world master. He introduced himself as Zeref. I told him my name was Gilean. He also wielded an ultra greatsword like myself. However his gleamed like it had been dipped in darkness. Red lines traced down the blade. It was huge. While mine was long and slim, his was a bit shorter but much broader. Its design was also a bit more delicate than mine, with some curves in the blade. He told me it was wielded by large knights that existed a very long time ago and was used for slaying giant demons. I could only imagine the size of the knights that casually wielded such weapons. Zeref possessed no shield and his armor was that of something an elite knight would wear. It would offer decent protection but also give fair mobility. He preferred speed and hitting hard over defense. Not my favorite style but can be quite effective.

From the bonfire I could see a path to a shore that was blocked off by the stalagmites by the entryway. It was either a straight run past many of those beasts or we follow a wall of stalagmites past only about two of them. After talking it through with Zeref we decided the longer path would do us better. We began trudging through the water, following the stone wall till it reached the stalagmites. One of the creatures was circling one of the stone pillars farther out. We waited for it to reach the far side before running past. It started coming back around but there was another one directly in front of us. It heard us and let out a roar, which we used as an opportunity to run under it and sprint for the shore. Once we reached land, we turned to face the following threats. But they weren’t following. They stood right at the edge of the water but wouldn’t leave it. We panted as we watched them return farther back into the water.

Facing back forward, there was a little set of stairs leading up to a circular stone. We walked up to it and the stone had a small indent in it. My mind lit up as I searched around my pack and pulled out the tear shaped stone. It slid perfectly into the slot. A rumble began and a flat pathway ascended up out of the water in front of us. It rose way up, completing the pathway up above to that centralized pyramid. The pathway to it was right next to the bonfire at the start of this place. A small cave was hollowed out in the rockface past the platform we were on so we followed it. It led to a small rectangular room. On the right was another one of those triangular pillars with hieroglyphs on it. I hit it and it slid down into its slot. A small opening in the wall left of it had the floor open up and a small elevator rose up out of it. We rode it up to another rectangular room. It had an exit leading to the new pathway towards the pyramid and had another elevator in the corner to the left of us. We rode it up as well and came out in the room that was underneath the bonfire. I couldn’t synchronize myself with the bonfire due to my phantom companion. He told me to wait for him here and that he’d be here in a few minutes. He returned to his world and I sat by the bonfire, linking myself to it.

A few minutes passed before I saw the familiar glow of a summon sign. And once more Zeref was brought into my world. We took the elevator back to the bridge and crossed it before ascending a long flight of stairs into the pyramid. The entryway immediately led to what appeared to be a throne room. It was relatively small and the stairs to the throne were all broken. However there was a doorway on the right of the room that we followed. It led to another room with a broken set of stairs going along the walls down to the floor. We dropped the small distance down to the floor and went through another door down below. It led to a massive chamber that I recognized as the one I saw on that ledge before encountering Jester Thomas. Zeref and I both heard an eerie vocalization. That of a woman’s. It sound beautiful but there was something menacing about it. The doorway opened up to a broken bridge and the only way down was to jump onto a stone pillar a bit of a distance below. I put on a ring that negated a bit of damage I’d receive from falling. Zeref just used a spell he’d learned that would negate all damage. We dropped down to the pillar then made another farther jump to a ledge below. It went up onto a pathway that could be taken to the left. On the right of the path was a large doorway leading to a rather large room. Zeref and I looked inside and there was just a lone knight. However it was unlike any of the other knights in this place. Unlike the maces and spears or scimitars of the others, this one wielded a longsword and shield with an ornamental looking tree on it. And its armor looked almost new and was pitch black. It also adorned a torn crimson cape with a depiction of a dragon. I could sense a great challenge in this adversary but it shouldn’t be a problem with Zeref. The knight immediately made long strides for us once it had seen us. I directly engaged the knight and made sure it stayed in the room while Zeref circled around. It stayed focused on me as I was the bigger threat. Zeref closed in behind it and kicked it’s knee it then swung his sword in an upwards vertical arc. The giant blade went straight the knight, severing it in half. The halves fell apart, its organs raining to the floor, spilling blood all over the ground. I smirked. It might be more dangerous but a hollow is still a mindless creature.

We headed back out and followed the path down a little farther till it opened up to a larger room. The majority of the floor was gone, leading to a large drop below. I groaned as I felt something slice my arm. A path was to the right, leading to a broken set of stairs, but another knight was guarding the path. This one swung quickly and furiously but its blows bounced off my shield. It brought its arm to the side and swung it around, catching the side of my shield, throwing it back and knocking me to the ground. Before it could capitalized on the opportunity, Zeref ran forward and punched the knight in the face, causing it to reel backwards. I recovered to my feet and we moved in on the knight. It took a defensive stance. Zeref struck at its shield but it surprisingly held firm. While it was distracted, I used my sword to sweep its feet out from under it. Zeref tried to hack at the knight while it was down but it raised its shield in time. I moved behind it and waited for it to recover. Once the knight was back on its feet it faced Zeref but I rammed into it and sent it flying over the edge to the darkness below.

We moved to the broken stairs which just dropped a small distance to a ledge and then U-turned down some more stairs to a platform similar to the one above. Actually it was just like the one above. It led down to a ledge next to the pit that went down to a pathway leading back down the hallway. However straight ahead, before the turn to the hallway, was a broken bridge dropping off onto more stone pillars. I was about to make the fall when Zeref told me to follow him. He led me down the hallway, past another room like the one that was above, and turned the corner to the left down at the end. It was another hallway, although this one didn’t overlook the massive chamber, and Zeref stopped in the middle of it. He tapped on the left wall and told me to press it. I pushed on it and it slid back slightly before ascending into the ceiling. And praise Lord Gwyn himself! There in the middle of the otherwise empty room sat a bonfire. I went up and lit it then thanked Zeref for showing me it.

We rested in the warmth of the fire for a few minutes before heading back towards the broken bridge. We jumped down to the pillar and made several more drops down before reaching the ground floor. And there before us was a stone archway, with flaming torches on either side. And in between the archway was a fog door. Right in front of it was another summon sign. I jumped at it. Any help I can get is welcome. We waited a few seconds as we waited for our ally to appear. The sound indicating their arrival was heard as they appeared into existence before us. I then could see who it was. It was Steelheart Ellie. The eerie mute woman. She waved at us, which we returned back to her. No one knew her real name. Those who traveled with her had just taken to calling her that. The Steelheart portion was because she had a heart of steel. Her only weapons were two caestus, metal gloves to enhance punching. And she would fearlessly run into battle using only those. She is talented in the art of pyromancy but prefers her fists to fire. Her only attire was a tunic with some chainmail and bandages around her legs. She also wore a veil, with a single opening slit down the middle, that covered her entire face. I had no idea what she looked like or how she could see to fight. The only reason for the Ellie part of her name is it’s just a suitable name for a woman. I’d only fought with her once before against one of my most dangerous adversaries, the Fume Knight Raime. However she had proven herself a capable combatant who definitely knows how to take a hit.

Now that we were all assembled, we approached the fog door. Zeref pulled out a chime and used a miracle that increased all our strengths and defenses. I stepped through the fog with Zeref and Ellie behind me. The vocalization that had filled the chamber stopped. The room we entered was one of the larger ones we’d been through. It stretched forward a bit more than it was wide. The left side of the room had a wall made up of mounds of rocks with pillars protruding up from the mounds. They were too steep to climb but I could see the room extended farther back past them. The right wall was in similar fashion. However the far back wall really caught my attention. Candles lined it, illuminating the illustrations on it. Murals were on it but the bottom of the wall was lined with statues of people. I didn’t know their importance, if there was any, but the most prominent thing stood right in front of this wall. She was looking at the wall, admiring it I think. A melodic voice said, “You don’t deserve to hear the songs of Elana.” She turned to face us and summoned a massive dark halberd from the ground. She was huge. Easily twice the size of us. Her entire figured just seemed to be made out of darkness. She wore a dress that seemed to be made up of individual thick, erect strands, almost like sticks but I doubt they were. Long black strands were hanging off her shoulders and her neck was surrounded by a collar that pointed straight upward on either side. Her face though was hideous. It seemed rotted like that of an undead. But it was black like the rest of her body and clothing. It was shaped in a vicious snarl at us.

Her left hand quickly waved in front of her and orbs of black magic shot from it towards us. We all scattered out of the way and moved in on her. We closed in and we all began striking her. Our blows didn’t seem to harm her too much but she could only handle so much before she would fall. But amidst our striking, she vanished. We all turned around and stood in a circle wondering where she went. Our attention was redirected to the opposite corner of the room where she reappeared. She raised her hand up with what seemed to be some strain. It was as if she raising something from the ground. Dirt and rubble rumbled up from the ground as a figure rose up from it. And then I froze as I saw what it was. She had summoned a reincarnation of the Royal Aegis Velstadt. Although unlike the original, this one was completely a faded gold color. His helm had an arch going horizontally across the top. His armor was just made up of rather typical heavy chestplate and legs. His back donned a cape that seemed to be made up of scales. His weapon of choice was a massive bell. It was just a long staff with a bell attached to the end. A rather uninteresting weapon but it could impact with massive force.

He charged for us, bell raised, and swung it in a wide arc for us. Ellie and I moved out of the way and Zeref dived over the strike. He swung at Velstadt’s legs but his blade just bounced off the thick plate armor. We need to deal with this threat quickly to focus on Elana. I saw Ellie get launched past me. I turned towards where she was, seeing the last remnants of an explosion fading away. Elana was still in her spot far away from us across the room. She waved her hand once more and an orb of a fiery red color, dimmed by darkness, appeared before me. It had an aura of dark and fire being drawn into it. I raised my shield just in time as the orb let off a great explosion. My shield crashed into me, knocking me backwards. I re-surveyed the battle scene before me. Ellie had taken off towards Elana and Zeref was still engaged with Velstadt. I ran for Velstadt and slammed into him with all my force, knocking him down. I jumped on his chest and rammed my sword through his chestplate, Zeref jumping on and doing the same. We fell to the ground as his body disappeared once he was slain.

Our attention was turned to Elana. She appeared weakened and Ellie’s two severed halves were slowly disappearing from the world. I retrieved my pyromancy flame and set my sword ablaze. Zeref did the same and we charged for Elana. Her halberd was raised, prepared to strike. The axe blade swept down towards us in a swift arc. Zeref ducked under and I raised my shield to take the blow. The sharp curve of the axe was sticking through my shield, inches away from my face. We struggled against each other to have control of the halberd while Zeref set fire to the dress she wore. Despite those frail arms, she was much stronger than they would suggest. She yanked on the halberd and ripped my shield free of my arm, pulling it out of place. I stepped back to pop my arm back in as I watched her rip my shield from her weapon and fling it across the room. The fire around her didn’t seem to bother her at all. It was a menacing sight. Fire and smoke enveloped her, further bringing out the darkness within her. Zeref moved away now that the blaze was too much for him to handle.

Once more she disappeared and reappeared elsewhere in the room, no longer on fire. I noticed she never moved. Only teleported. It didn’t matter though. Another barrage of dark magic orbs were incoming. Without my shield I simply moved out of the way of them along with Zeref. We closed in on Elana but she was prepared to meet us. Her halberd was swung in one swift movement. Zeref moved but I blocked the strike with my zweihander. The two long weapons were locked together, pushing each other back. She was strong but I held firm against her. Meanwhile, Zeref had snuck around behind her. I watched him with intent. Elana was pretty close to the mural wall. Zeref ran up the wall and pushed off it, throwing himself onto her back. She immediately broke her contest with me, which I used as an opportunity to swing my sword towards her arm. Luckily, my taste in swords ensured mine could reach to sever Elana’s arm. Her halberd fell with a clang and she let out a deafening shriek in pain. Zeref bashed the hilt of his sword into the back of her head, knocking her to the ground. I place a foot on her shoulder, holding her down. The cold steel of my blade laid against the back of her neck as she awaited her fate.

Her detached head now lay a small distance away from the decapitated body, blood spilling out of the wound, and we received an innumerable amount of souls as well as me receiving her weapon. I thank Zeref for all his help before he departed from this world. Once a great adversary has defeated in an area, their released essence severs any connections the world master has to otherworldly connections. Although Zeref told me I wasn’t done and he’d meet me soon. I stood confused as he faded from this world. After a few seconds a rumbling began. I turned towards the mural wall as dust shook free from the ancient stone. A small crack appeared in the middle and grew wide as the two halves of the wall pulled apart. Once they stopped, a small tunnel was revealed to be concealed behind the wall. I retrieved my shield and followed it downward a small ways until it opened up into a small cave. A bonfire rest right in the middle of it, which I quickly moved to light. Once flames came to life, three summon signs appeared around the room. I went about summoning forth their presences. Zeref was among them. The other two introduced themselves as Transcendent Edde and Abbess Feeva. Edde’s equipment of choice was the same as the dragon armor and scimitar I wielded earlier. He also donned the shield that completed the set. It had the same design of the armor and sword however it was shaped like an upside down tear with the tip trailing off like a dragon’s tail.

Feeva, however, was quite contrasting with the rest of the group. She was a miracle user. Her clothing looked to be that of what an abbass would wear. She wore a long skirt that was also overlapped by a long robe she was wearing. She also had a veil that hung down her shoulders and rested right over her breasts. Being an abbass, I knew she had a devout faith and would be able to use her miracles most effectively.

The others had traveled this area before so they knew the threat ahead. Both Feeva and Zeref used the miracle that strengthened us and made us better able to take the blows. I looked at where the cave turned back into a tunnel, the menacing fog wall awaiting me at the end. I approached it and held my breath as I stepped through. I gasped at the sight that came to vision on the other side. The small opening came out in the side of a rocky wall into an enormous cave. A small castle could’ve easily resided inside. However the area we were in was arena like. While the cave itself seemed to go on for miles, giant stalagmites reached towards the ceiling, forming a square like arena. The area itself was still huge enough. A few lone pillars of stone littered the area. But the most prominent feature was a large square floor in the middle of the enclosed area. It was just a simple stone floor with a pointed stone column in each corner. Just beyond this floor was what appeared to be a large mass of rocks. It was dark there so I couldn’t tell but I wondered where the monstrosity waiting was. It was then that the rock mass started to move. I held my guarded ready when a plume of green fire erupted, illuminating the dragon Sinh. I was filled with dread when my eyes locked onto the beast. It seemed remnant of the Ancient Dragons that ruled so long ago. If this was the case, then this beast could easily be millenia old. I saw the large spear protruding out of its back, the tip sticking out of its chest. How the dragon was even alive was beyond me.

It fell down back onto its front claws after its fiery display and arched back before lunging forward. The two pillars on the far side of the floor easily crumbled against the great force. I let my anger and courage surface within me as I led the charge against the monstrosity. It glared us down and opened its mouth agape which began to glow with the burn of a fire. Zeref and Feeva moved away but Edde and I continued the charge forward. I raised my shield just as a blast of fire was let forth from the great maw. Edde’s armor could withstand the heat and so could my shield. I let out a yell as I ran forward. I was directly in front of the dragon once the fire subsided and I swung my sword upwards, leaving a gash along its neck. The dragon roared and took off to the air as I held my breath. The toxic mist that traced the flames was close to affecting my health. Now that the dragon was airborne, Feeva summoned great bolts of lightning and hurled them at the beast. A few impacted and seemed to cause pain in it. Sinh hovered in the air and shot a green ball of fire in the direction of our group. Feeva and Edde moved but Zeref had noticed the threat too late. I shoved him out of the way and raised my shield just as I felt the explosive impact on the other side. I felt my very bones in my arm crack from the great force as my feet slide across the ground backwards. A cloud of toxicity was left in the wake of the impact but I’d slid out of it.

I pulled out my estus and drank some, feeling the cracks in my bones mend themselves back together. A new scene was playing out once I turned my attention back to the dragon. It had landed and had Edde in one giant claw. Feeva was still summoning bolts of lightning to throw at the dragon while Zeref struck at the legs of the beast. I watched as Sinh crushed Edde in it’s claw then hurled him to the ground, which cracked where he landed. Feeva immediately ran to him and kneeled down beside him. She used a miracle that healed Edde of all of his wounds. But she didn’t see what I did. I ran forward to try and stop it but I was too late. The dragon had raised its claw into a fist above Feeva. I tried shouting insensible growls and noises in an attempt to distract it but they failed. The fist came down, splattering Feeva across the ground and onto Edde. He immediately stabbed his sword into the wrist of the Sinh. I watched Feeva’s unrecognizable body disappear from our world as Edde ripped his sword free of the beast. It let out a roar in great pain. I looked under it to see its tail now lying on the ground with Zeref beside it. It whipped around to face him which I used as an opportunity to jump up onto its back from its now severed tail. I raised my sword to pierce the stone-like scales on its back when I was knocked down.

Sinh had taken off when he felt me and the force pushed me onto its back. I quickly latched onto the spear jutting out of its back just as it flipped upside down in the air to shake me off. My sword and shield fell to the ground as I held onto the spear. I yanked on the spear with all my weight. I felt it slowly pull free from the best. I pulled myself up and dropped down once more causing the spear to pull free. I fell through the air and felt my back break as I landed on top of one of the stone spires. I cried out in pain and was nearly immobile from the destruction to my spine. The spear clattered to the ground as I rolled off the spire to fall the rest of the way. I choked up blood and Zeref was there beside me. He grabbed my estus and poured all of it through the visor of my helm into my mouth. The large amount caused a great burn than I was unused to but I felt my back reassembling back into place.

Once the sensation stopped, I leaned up from the ground. Edde had the dragon distraction for the moment. Its blood covered a lot of the arena now that blood flowed freely from the wound in its chest. I searched for my reward from the fall. The bloody spear lay nearby on the ground. It was much too large for most men to handle, even myself. At least with one hand. I recovered my sword and put it on my back then told Zeref to help me with the spear. Together we raised the spear up. It was heavier than it seemed. I nodded towards the dragon distracted with Edde, whose armor was beginning to melt, and we charged forward. Sinh took absolutely no notice of us until a felt a new great pain radiating from its side. Its eyes snapped down to see the spear embedded in its body once more. We pushed as hard as we could until the spear pierced clean through. The dragon let out a weak roar and collapsed in pain. I circled around till I reached the fierce skull of the beast. Its eyes locked onto me and opened its jaw, a green fire burning within. I stomped my foot down on the gaping opening, forcing it shut. Now completely helpless, I raised my sword high above the dragon’s head.

And then it was over. Blood trickled out from under my blade in the new wound on the dragon’s head. It had immediately gone limp as soon as my blade forced its way through the thick skull. I yanked my sword free, causing more blood to flow from the wound, slowly forming a puddle around the carcass’s head. Zeref congratulated me on the kill and with his new wealth of souls, him and Edde faded from this world after I gave them my thanks. I probably couldn’t of done this alone. The spear proved difficult to pull free but I managed to release it from the prison of flesh it was contained in. After putting it in my pack, I prepared to leave when a flash of light caught my attention. A wave of light hung over a small spot past the stone floor. I approached it and saw an object lying in the middle of it. I picked it up and the light disappeared. Now that I could see it, it revealed to be a crown. Probably the crown of the king that once ruled this place. A faint heat lingered within the crown. It radiated an old power. I didn’t quite understand it yet so I placed it in my bag in the meantime. With nothing else left, I return back to the bonfire and prepared to leave onto the next part of my journey in this land of hell.

Well that’s it everyone. I really hope you enjoyed it. I put quite a bit more effort into it than I did my previous ones. I would love to hear what you think and as always I’m open to suggestions for future stories
~Best regards,


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