Part 2 is now here. Very mature and weird content

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Part 2 is now here. Very mature and weird content

Postby SawJacksoul » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:04 pm

I didn’t really get any suggestions for part 2 so I guess it’s just all from my mind. Same as before, if I miss any corrections or if you have any future story ideas please feel free to post them but please keep any mean criticism to yourself. Only constructive criticism allowed. Enjoy

It’d been several months since that battle. Lilith had been revealed to the people after the due time of a few months. They weren’t too excited about the idea of a dragon as big as her in the kingdom but they weren’t against it at least. As long as she didn’t become a problem then the people weren’t going to go against us for having her. A large chamber had been build for her. I went to go visit it.

It was in a large tower that directly adjoined to my room. It went a few hundred feet into the air to give her plenty of room. The tower was so large it could easily be seen by one approaching the kingdom. I ascended the few hundred stairs to reach her chamber. Upon climbing up through the opening in the floor, I saw she wasn’t around. Probably out hunting. The room itself was huge. Probably about one hundred cubic meters. The tower had only recently been finished however, it was already well furnished. One wall was completely missing as a way for her to come and go. The only other opening was a giant window on one of the walls. A large hearth faced the opening of the chamber, inviting all who enter with it’s fiery warmth. An elaborate red rug was in front of it with a furnished lounge chair. All this was furniture for when I visited her. A fire was still burning in the hearth; she had been here recently. Closeby the hearth, on the right side of it, in the corner was a large, plush bed. To me it looked like a big sea of fabric. It was completely round and was bright red. In the opposite corner was a large tub of water. A ladder was placed for any person to be able to get up. I climbed up and peered down at the seemingly bottomless pool. It seemed like a small pond to me. On the right wall from the opening was a small room; well, small for a dragon. Inside was a small treasure trove she’d started collecting. Dragons and their gold and jewels.

I heard something swoop in the background. I whipped around to see a black figure swoop past the entrance. I smiled a bit as I knew what it was and I slid into the water. I submerged myself and let myself sink to the bottom, feeling my ears pop as I went down. I stayed there for about a minute as I let out my breath in shock when I was yanked out. I was suddenly face to face with a giant red eye examining me.

“Hiding in my room small man?” the distinct voice asked.

“Only coming for a visit Lilith,” I said in response. She set me down on the edge of the tub and looked at me. I looked back and saw some blood on her mouth. “I guess I was right about you going out hunting,” I said.

She licked it off and replied, “Yes that would have been an accurate assumption.” I jumped off the side of the tub, groaning a little and regretting jumping that far. I heard her giggle a bit behind me. Her eyes followed me as I crossed the room to the hearth. “How old are you Lilith? I don’t believe I have asked.”

She look at me and said back, “I’m 318.” I nodded at her. It wasn’t surprising. Dragons can live for thousands of years. They’re very extraordinary creatures. Most are usually killed off before they live that long. I felt her standing over me as I looked into the fire. I leaned against her front leg. She didn’t move away. Over the past few months since she agreed to be my mount, we’ve grown close and developed a bond. It was one I didn’t quite understand yet. Any tales of dragon riders existing are ancient. Tales from centuries ago when dragons were so abundant that they had to get along with humans. I can only wonder why we began killing them. For sport? To defend ourselves? Were they becoming too numerous in the world? I couldn’t possibly know. Any such knowledge was destroyed during the skirmish of dragons. It was many decades ago. Dragons were rising back up again so people banded together to kill them and destroyed any kind of ancient documentation over them.

“What are you thinking Duncan?” I heard her ask.

I replied, “I’m thinking about dragons.”

“What about them?” she asked.

I said back, “Lots of things. Like the connection we have. I don’t understand it.”

She picked me up to set me on her back and said, “Let’s take a little flight.” I laid on her back, holding onto her neck as she took off. The exhilaration of flying still gets me everytime.

“Where are we going?” I asked her.

“Nowhere in particular. You said you wanted to understand the connection we have. So I shall explain it to you,” she replied. “You’re already well aware that dragons are fantastic creatures. We have abilities that are more than physical. You know of my mental link to you. Why do you think that is?” I shrugged and she continued, “That is how dragon’s choose. When we encounter an alpha male, or someone we’re attracted to, we imprint on them. In doing so, we link them to us. We can always be in constant contact through our mental link, you will live as long as I do, and you’ll be given strength beyond any man. That last one develops slowly over time.”

I slowly took in her words and said, “You imprinted on me? What does that mean?”

She looked back at me and said, “It means I’ve chosen you to be my partner, my mate, my provider, and protector. And I am the same in turn.” I sat up shocked. I stood on her back and paced around awhile. I balanced up her neck to her head and stood there. I felt her eyes watching me.

“So we’re mates?” I asked. She nodded at me. I sat down on her head and processed the information. I didn’t know what to make of it. For now I just won’t worry about it.

She flew for a while and landed by a small pond in the nearby forest. I slid off her head to the ground. She flicked her tail as she watched me. I sat on the edge of the pond and dipped my legs in. She moved into the water and sunk down till only the top of her head was exposed. Watching her be able to sink all the way down told me the pond was deep. I took my clothes off then took a deep breath and slid into the water. The water was a bit chilly but I didn’t mind. I let myself float back up and drift around the cool water with my eyes closed. The water had slight wave motions from Lilith moving around. A shadow passed over me, blocking out the light. I opened my eyes so see Lilith looking down at me. I leaned up and looked at those bright red eyes staring at me. Like pure rubies. Her scales were shining from the sunlight glistening off the water on her scales. She was beautiful. An astounding creature. I moved up to her chest and touched her scales. They were hard and firm but also smooth. It was like touching a well made diamond. Her eyes were watching me and I heard low grumbles emit from her, almost like a purr.

“That feels nice,” I heard her say. I looked up at her and saw her staring back with gentle eyes. She lifted me up in front of her and threw me up into the air. I was a bit startled but landed on her back. She got up out of the pond and grabbed up my clothes before flying back. I dried off on her back then got my clothes back on.

She landed back in her tower and I dropped off her back. The sky was getting dark. I stood on the ledge and looked out at the surrounding landscape. The kingdom spanned out below me. Beyond the city’s walls laid several expanses of plains that stretched on for miles. Although off to the left of the plains was the massive forest we just came from. It was a great supply of lumber and water. I felt myself be yanked up and was dangling over the buildings below. I looked up and Lilith was holding me there. She had a dark smile and said, “I could drop you you know. Right here, right now.”

I smirked and said, “You won’t do it.” Next thing I knew I was free falling. I turned to face the ground. It was coming up fast, the air whipping past my face. I couldn’t believe she’d dropped me. I doubted I’d survive the fall. I had to try something. I moved so I’d land on one of the taller buildings. I was about to impact and prepared to roll through it when my momentum suddenly stopped. I looked up and was snatched up in Lilith’s claws. She was smiling and laughing at me and said, “You should’ve seen your face!” I relaxed and let out a relieved sigh.

We landed down in the castle courtyard, startling a few of the higher class civilians and guards, and she set me down. I looked about and saw Therin crossing the yard to us. “And how is this mischievous duo doing? That seemed like quite a fall Duncan. Not the trust fall I would’ve taken.”

I shook my head and said, “Well actually-”

“I told him he could trust me,” Lilith cut in. I looked at her and she was eyeing me.

“Well I guess it seems he can,” Therin chimed in. “Things have been quiet lately. I almost can’t believe the peace we’ve been having. It’s made ruling quite easy.”

I shrugged, “Guess things are just going right.”

“Or maybe everyone is scared of a dragon,” Lilith chipped in with a smile. She was more playful than she initially seemed on that battlefield. The companionship has been a nice counter-balance to my usually gruff personality.

Therin said, “Well either way it’s good news to me. Stay behaving you two.” With that he walked off. I look up at Lilith and she picked me up to go back to the tower.

The sun was giving its last shining moments. I stretched as I grew tired. Lilith was lounging in her big tub. I went and sat in the lounge chair in front of the fire. My eyes grew heavy as I basked in the warmth of the flame. I rubbed them to stay awake. But next thing I knew the light was growing dimmer as I drifted off.

I woke up against something warm but hard. I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them before looking around. I then noticed where I was. Lilith had gotten me out of the chair last night and I was now held nuzzled up against her chest. I stayed there for a few minutes before I lightly and quietly got up. The sun had not even risen over the sky yet. It was early morning. I stretched out before putting on some black light leather armor, taking a bow, and heading out.

I knew Lilith wouldn’t be up for a few hours. Dragons like their sleep. So I decided I’d hunt her some food in the meantime. Helps keep me on my toes when I’m not constantly in combat. I made my way outside the kingdom to the forest nearby.

After making my way in quite a distance, I found a suitable tree and climbed up in it. A long sturdy branch stuck out so I laid myself out on it and played the waiting game. A couple minutes went by when I heard the leaves rustle below me. Autumn is a great time for hunting when the animals can’t keep quiet. A rather large buck was slowly moving along. He could smell me but didn’t know where I was, safely up about 20 feet above it. I slowly pulled out a long, sharp hunting knife and slowly slid over the side of the branch. I rolled over off the side and silently fell down on top of the deer. It immediately cried out but was silenced when I slit its throat. The blood shot out from the wound as I laid it down. It took awhile but I managed to make a pulley to hoist it up into the trees. One deer wouldn’t do for a dragon. Back up into the tree I went after hanging up the deer.

About another hour passed before anything worth killing came by. But it wasn’t what I was expecting. A large grizzly bear came out in the opening I was watching. It would be perfect. But how would I take it down? I had an idea. It was risky but could work. I slowly drew my bow with an arrow loaded. It was larger than a longbow but wasn’t quite a greatbow. Too big for out here. I drew the arrow back as far as I could without snapping the string and let the arrow fly. It whistled straight into the bear’s shoulder. It whipped towards me and let out a loud roar then made for the tree. Just like I knew it would, it began to scale the tree towards me. When about halfway to me I jumped down towards it, kicking it in the face and knocking it down to the ground on its back. I crashed down next to it and immediately scrambled away. The bear was clearly shaken but wasn’t very hurt. It was easily about 800 pounds. This was going to be difficult. It got up and turned towards me. It charged and I jumped back as it swiped at me. I swooped up and kneed it hard in the chin, reeling it back. While it was disoriented I stabbed it in the neck. It swatted its paw at me, slashing me in the stomach. I moved back and held my wound. It wasn’t going to kill me but it hurt like hell. The beast shook its head and stared me down. I moved closer, baiting it to attack. It tried to snap at me but I jumped forward and rolled down its back. I whipped around and stabbed it in its back leg. The bear was more focused on the pain than me so I used the opportunity to jump on its back. I raised up to stab it again but it flipped me onto my back in front of it. I laid there near helpless. It raised a mighty paw up and smashed it on my chest. I think I felt a few ribs crack. It raised its paw again. When it did, I stabbed my knife right into its neck, its blood spilling all over my face. I pushed the blade deeper in and twisted it. The beast stood for a few seconds before falling down on its side dead.

I rolled over panting when I heard, “Duncan! Duncan where are you!?” I struggled to lean up when I saw Yorvik come running through the trees, bow in hand.

I chuckled and said, “You’re a bit late to the party. Don’t need you now.”

He looked relieved to see I was OK and helped me stand. I sat down on a nearby log and groaned. “Yorvik, as my second in command, it’s time I taught you a few things. I won’t be around forever. While I didn’t doubt I could handle this, it made me realize my time can come at any time. As Commander of the Knights and Captain of the Black Knights, we have access to a small reservoir of spells. The one we mostly use is a healing spell. It takes several minutes to work as we’re no mages and can be a bit exhausting. But it’ll heal most wounds, such as my gash and broken ribs.” I uttered the spell over a few minutes to heal my wounds. The gash left a new big scar across my stomach.

Yorvik watched amazed and said, “So you’ll teach them to me?”

“Yes I’ll show you them all on the trip back,” I replied. “Help me drag these back.” We spent the next half hour dragging them back while I taught him the spells. He pulled the deer and I the bear. I could feel that increase in strength. Yorvik just assumed it was because I’m a strong man. He helped me get them back to my chamber and I thanked him for his assistance before he left. I threw the deer over my shoulder and dragged the bear behind me up the stairs. When I got to the top, Lilith was still asleep. I set down the kill in front of her and sat down in the lounge chair to relax.

After about another hour, I heard Lilith begin to stir. I glanced in her direction. She was still waking up. She seemed so calm and peaceful. Her eyes opened as she stretched and I saw them grow excited when she saw the food. I watched her tear into it and swallow them both down. She then noticed me in the chair. “For me?” she asked.

I nodded and said, “The bear wasn’t easy.” I stood and showed her the new scar. She moved to me and picked me up to examine it.

She licked off the blood that was there and said, “That looked painful.”

“It was,” I responded. “But I didn’t want to wake you and needed to go get some exercise.”

She hid her face away shyly and said, “I guess you saw where you woke up.”

I nodded and said, “It was warm and comfortable.” She hugged me to her. I tensed up a bit but relaxed into her. There was something calming about being here. I closed my eyes as I relaxed. But then I felt something on my head. I opened my eyes to see it was her lips resting on me.

She immediately pulled back with a blush before setting me on the ground and pushed the words “I’m sorry” out of her mouth before taking off. I tried to call out for her to come back but she was already gone.

I knew looking for her was useless so I decided to wait. The sun was starting to set on the horizon. I climbed up on her bed and laid down as I waited. As time rolled on, I found myself drifting off to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, Lilith was curled up next to the bed. I leaned up with a yawn and looked her over. Her sides heaved slowly with each deep breath she took. I moved off the bed and walked to her face and sat down. I rubbed her long snout while she slept. After some time, her tongue snaked out and licked my face before she leaned up and stretched. She glanced down at me then looked away, avoiding my eyes. I rubbed her arm and said, “You don’t need to feel bad or upset. I didn’t mind.”

She looked back down at me and said, “Really? You didn’t care?”

I hugged her chest and said, “I really didn’t care. It was relaxing and was nice.” She held me to her and I heard that low grumbling again. I moved away and went to sit on the ledge. My feet dangled as I looked at the sky. It was a beautiful day. “Let’s go out for a bit. I’ll be right back.” She watched me as I headed down the stairway to my room. When I got down there, I put on my armor and retrieved my sword and greatbow. I headed back up the stairs and Lilith was waiting by the ledge for me. I climbed up her tail to get on her back and sat down on her neck. “Let’s go,” I said. She quickly darted out of the chamber and out into the morning air.

We flew many miles away from the kingdom. “Where are we going?” She asked me.

“Somewhere far away. Somewhere dangerous,” I responded.

She perked up and asked me, “Where?”

I said, “I always have scouts out watching the surrounding areas. A few have reported back to me of a growing problem. It’s near the ocean. A hydra has been sighted. If it should decide to leave its watery domain or repopulate, we’d have a problem. Normally I’d bring some knights to help me but I have you so we should be able to handle it.”

She seemed excited about combat and said, “A hydra? I’ve seen a few before. Nasty creatures but not much match for a dragon.”

“This one is big. An alpha,” I told her. “But shouldn’t be something we can’t handle. Just head towards the ocean.”

We flew for about another hour before we reached it. She hovered over the water and I looked around. The water seemed calm for now. “We need to be deeper out,” I told her. She flew a bit farther off the shore. I noticed a flock of birds hovering over one spot. I pointed and said, “There. There’s our hydra.” She moved to the spot and snapped up a few birds while hovering. I watched the water below. It was white with foam with something below. We need to lure it out. I had an idea. I held my greatbow and stood on Lilith’s back. I loaded an arrow so large it could be mistaken for a javelin in the wire string. I aimed it at the bubbling water and drew the bow. It took a great deal of strength to pull it to its longest drawback. I let go of the arrow and it flew into the water like a missile. Something rumbled below but nothing rose. I loaded another arrow in the bow and let it whip into the water. More rumbling but still nothing. I said, “Go higher,” as I loaded another arrow. Lilith rose as I readjusted my aim for the water. I pulled back as far as I could and let loose. The arrow whizzed by into the water. The rumbling grew louder and the water rose up as the beast surfaced. And then there it was. It broke out of the water and its heads let out a roar. Three giant arrows were sticking out of its hard shell back. Its eyes glared us down and shot massive spurts of water at us. Lilith moved and I told her to head towards the shore. The creature followed us, still shooting water at us as it did. “Burn it,” I instructed her. She let loose a plume of fire on the beast. It didn’t have a real adverse effect but it wasn’t too pleased. It was baited into doing what I wanted.

It began to crawl onto land. Its legs were flippers but was capable of standing on them like legs. It was on all four of them. A hard shell covered its entire back and a long tail stuck out the back. Seven heads were all sticking out the front, glaring us down. “Move closer,” I commanded Lilith.

She did and asked, “What are you gonna do?”

“This,” I said as I drew my sword and jumped off. The air was whipping past me as I fell through the air. The fall wasn’t that far. Only about a hundred feet fall. I’d live but with a bit of pain. I held my sword in both hands as I fell about forty feet to reach it. The hydra was watching me but didn’t know what I was doing. I got close to the heads and brought my sword down, slicing clean through one of them. I crashed to the ground and rolled through but it still hurt. Blood showered from the exposed neck down all over me. I heard Lilith exclaiming up in the air. “Attack the hydra,” I communicated to her. I watched her swoop in and claw at the heads as they snapped at her. I ran up to its exposed chest while it was distracted and stabbed my sword all the way in, yanking it down to create a large gash. The creature’s heads immediately snapped down to me as I yanked the sword out, causing gallons of blood to flood out on me. It smack me away with its massive flipper. The wind was knocked out of me as I landed flat on my back. Lilith was there, standing over me, growling at the serpent. I got up and jumped up on her back as she took off. I had her hover just above the shell of the hydra and I jumped off as she flew away from it. It didn’t notice me on it and paid attention to her again. I ran up to the necks and sliced clean through one, the head falling down below. A large puddle of blood was accumulating down in front of the hydra. Lilith landed next to me on the back and bit onto a neck. The other creature’s heads reacted by biting onto her. I stabbed one in the neck and impaled its head, causing it to let go and fall limp. A large bite mark was on her shoulder where it bit her. The creature was definitely weakening. I stabbed at another head but they all let go before I made contact. Lilith was dripping with blood from all the bite marks. Three heads were down. It didn’t need to lose all of them to die but it would definitely ensure it. Lilith clamped down on the neck she was biting till it went limp. Four down. It turned its heads towards us and prepared to blast its back. I jumped onto Lilith’s tail and she took off. I let go and fell back down in front of the wound I made. Blood was still gushing out of it. I jabbed my sword back in and pushed the blade deeper till my arm was going in. The beast roared out and I kept pushing in until I was going inside the wound. Blood was all around me, filling the chinks in my armor. Lilith communicated, “What are you doing!?”

I responded, “Killing it from the inside.” I kept pushing in, destroying veins and arteries, creating a pool of blood inside the beast, until I reached an open area. I wasn’t quite sure where I was but I went to work. I sliced my sword along the walls of flesh, creating huge gashes. The squishy ground started quickly filling up with blood. I heard the beast groan at the loss of blood. I rammed my sword into the floor and ran forward, making a huge tear in its flesh. The blood was up to my waist now. I was basically swimming in it. I was causing more damage than the opening wound could let out. I went back to the opening and started stabbing my sword in, making another hole going out. My serrated blade kept sawing away at all the flesh in my path till I reached the outside. The wound burst open and I was knocked down by the flood of the bloody mess behind me. By the time I could stand up, I gasped for air. I looked up and the hydra was down to one head but it was hanging limp. Dead. I had Lilith pick me up and take me to its back. I gave a large swing and sent the last head down with a splash down to the pool of blood below. I panted at the exhaustion but it was finally over.

Lilith took us down to the ground and she laid down curled up. I examined the wounds that were on her. There were several bite marks. I grabbed her claw and pulled on it to follow me. She wearily stood and came with me. It just occurred to me how tall she really is. My head could just barely brush against her belly and I was almost seven feet tall. She was probably about 30 feet tall. I walked into the water with her and she moved so she was deeper than me. I washed the blood off of her but some still flowed out of her wounds. Once I got most off, I took a few minutes to utter the spell that sealed her wounds. She licked me thankfully and I hugged her face. I took my helm off and looked at her. She looked back at me and I kissed her on the cheek. I don’t know why I did it. Something just urged me to. She seemed happy about it though. So was I. I hugged her neck and she lifted me up out of the water and set me on the shore. I watched her as she walked over to the dead hydra. She put her arms under it and with a massive heave, she managed to flip it onto its side. I was amazed at her strength as she began to tear into the beast that was at least three times her size. I sat nearby while she ate.

After about an hour, and consuming half of the hydra, she seemed to finally have her fill. “I haven’t had a meal like that in awhile,” She said as she smiled at me.

I stood under her and rubbed her belly saying, “Nice and full now?” She purred and nodded. I kept rubbing her belly and she laid down on her side for me. I scratched her chest while I kept rubbing her. She closed her eyes and relaxed to the feeling. It was nice. Calming. Peaceful. I felt so relaxed and laid against her stomach. She held me to her and it was very comforting there. I felt so relaxed I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later on the wet sand of the beach. The sun had begun setting. I looked around for Lilith. She was a little distance away and I walked towards her. “What was she doing?” I wondered. I moved closer and saw she was turned away from me but she had her legs spread and was licking between them. I heard fast pants emitting from her. “What are you doing?” I said. She immediately stopped and whipped around with extreme blush on her face before she ran into the water. I watched her hide down under the water except for the top of her head and she was watching me with her eyes. Even though I knew, I again asked, “What were you doing Lilith?”

She communicated, “I wasn’t doing anything. Just had a scratch that’s all.”

I nodded and said, “Uh huh. I don’t believe that. What were you really doing?” I could just feel embarrassment radiating from her as she prepared to answer.

She communicated in a voice that was a quiet mumble, “I was horny. And was pleasing myself to you.” I stood there for a minute, not sure how to respond. “Please don’t be mad at me.” I gestured for her to come here. She reluctantly got up out of the water and came to me.

I took her claw and said, “I’m not mad you Lilith. We all have needs. I do too,” and I looked up at her when I said that. She looked back with eyes of shock but also excitement.

“So you’ll lay with me?” She asked. I nodded slowly and tried not to laugh as I watched her try to contain her excitement. She laid down on her back and spread her legs to reveal her wet slit. She said, “Take me my knight.” I took off all my armor and walked around to her head. She looked over my strong naked body and admired my member. “Such a large male specimen,” she said as she slowly licked up my body, especially slowing down at my pelvis for a moment. I waited for her tongue to get to my face before I licked it back then kissed her lips when she retracted it. We held it for a minute before I pulled back. I wasn’t sure how I would go about doing this but I’d make it work. I hoped my smaller size would be pleasurable in comparison to what she’s supposed to be taking. But it made me happy to know she’d be taken by me and not some other beast.

I moved back down between her legs and straddled her on the base of her tail. I inhaled the sweet scent coming out from inside of her. I admired how beautiful she was, her wet slit spread open before me. I leaned down and gently placed my tongue on it, sending shivers through her body. I rubbed up and down her inner thighs as I tasted her juices. They were beyond anything I’d tasted before. A few moans escaped from her. I teased her like this for awhile before I asked, “Are you ready?” She looked down at me with loving eyes and nodded before she leaned her head back down. I positioned my member over her slit. And then I was in her.

We had sex for about an hour. It was beyond incredible. Lilith leaned up with loving eyes and said, “Duncan. That was amazing. I’m so happy.”

I was laying naked on her chest and kissed it saying, “It was. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to please you for obvious reasons.”

She picked me up with a smile and said, “No. You were perfect.” She gave me a kiss before she set me back down.

I hugged her neck then said, “We should probably get back soon.” She nodded in agreement and I slid off of her to retrieve my armor and weapons. I put them all back on before I climbed onto her back and she took off for the kingdom.

It was well past dark when we arrived back in her tower. She landed down on the cold hard floor and I jumped off her back. I went down to my room to get out of my armor and I returned back up to her. She was already curled up in bed with the fire going and waiting for me. I was lifted onto the bed and pulled into her chest when I walked up. I cuddled into her warm chest and she squeezed me to her a bit.

“Well isn’t this a lovely scene.” I looked over to see Therin was standing in the stairway with a smile.

I laughed a little and said, “What brings you at this time of knight my king?”

“Well you’d been gone all day,” he said. “I was just checking to see if you were back. We were worried.”

I replied, “No we’re fine. We had just taken care of a hydra and spent some time out.” I heard Lilith giggle a little at that and she squeezed me again. Therin kept looking us over when I said that but he ended with a shrug.

“Well you two just the enjoy the rest of your evening then,” he said before he turned to head back down the stairwell. Lilith held me tight to her as I cuddled in. It was gonna be a long day tomorrow. I just had a feeling. I kissed Lilith goodnight before closing my eyes to rest.

I was woken up with a big shake. I shot up and had my sword in hand within seconds. “What? What? What is it?” I said.

Lilith was staring out the opening. “I sense something. Something very bad,” she said. I looked out too and stared into the distance. Something big, something massive was coming this way. Oh my god. There was a fucking behemoth! And it was heading straight for the kingdom. Even still several miles away it was massive, towering over the tallest trees, which were well over 200 feet, and was about 75 feet long. Only a few were in existence but I’d never personally seen one. One of the most powerful creatures on Earth. They were said to be some of the first creatures created by the gods to protect them. Incredibly ancient and incredibly powerful. They’re so rare I wasn’t even sure they existed. It stood on all fours and had the posture of a lion. It was incredibly muscled all over. There was no fur on it except some down along its spine and a bit on its chest and a mane around its head. Huge fangs stuck out from its mouth. It was all black in color with completely white eyes. It easily stood over even Lilith, could easily just pick her up in those massive claws and just crush her. I was panicking. There was no sort of protocol or training on how to deal with such a giant.

I immediately jumped out of Lilith’s arms and bolted downstairs. I busted into Therin’s room who flew out of his bed with his sword drawn. “Alert the entire kingdom now! All guards are to be suited up, the gates sealed, and as many archers as we can get on the walls! There’s a damn behemoth heading straight for kingdom!” His eyes grew wide and he immediately ran out of his room as he understood the seriousness of the situation. I ran back to my room to suit up and I rounded up all of my black and platinum knights. “Men! A threat larger than any we’ve ever faced is quickly approaching the kingdom. A behemoth! Yes. The rare legendary beast supposedly created in a trio, made up of the behemoth, leviathan, and ziz, to protect the gods themselves. Thankfully there’s only just one behemoth and none of the other legendary creatures. Honestly men, I don’t know what to tell you on how to handle this. These things are so rare I didn’t even believe they existed. We’ll just have to make it up as we go. You all already know this. You’re the best we have. Black you’ll be going out with me. Platinum, you’ll be mounted with the limited supply of greatbows along with the other archers on the walls. If we should fail, you’ll be the last line between the behemoth and the kingdom. At that point, you have access to whatever you need in the armory to stop it. Yorvik, you stay with the platinum knights. If I should fall, the knights will need a new leader and as my second in command, you take the role.” He nodded in understanding and I continued, “Alright men. Let’s move out.”

The gates closest to the behemoth were opened to let us out. We exited them and they were shut and sealed behind us. Lilith was soon above us. The behemoth was still slowly lumbering towards the kingdom. I didn’t even begin to have an idea of how to hurt it; even with my sword. The only one who could possibly hurt it is Lilith but even then I doubted she could kill it. I took a few minutes to strategize how to kill it. Already the archers above began raining hundreds of arrows at the monstrosity. Several just fell to the ground uselessly aside from a few and all of the greatarrows. But those didn’t even seem to bother it. The only hope is to cause so much bleed damage it bleeds out or get something big enough to fight it. The only things big enough to match are the other legendary creatures but they likely wouldn’t bother each other.

I began to lead us towards the massive menace. It soon towered over us in its slow gait towards the kingdom. We began slashing at its ankles, causing some gashes, but it seemed completely unbothered by us. I stabbed all seven feet of my greatsword into its ankle but all I got out of that was the creature just shaking us off. Lilith landed on its back and scratched down it, leaving huge gashes. It seemed more irritated with this and shook her off before swinging one huge slow claw at her. She easily moved out of the way but if it were to catch her it would crush her with ease. Despite the new wound on its back, the beast kept going on. How were we going to stop it? Nothing was working. I pulled out a spare longsword I kept on me and stabbed into its leg. I stabbed my other sword in and alternated each one to scale its leg up to its back.

It took me a few minutes but I finally made it. The hair on its spine was whipping around from the winds this high up. It was almost like being whipped by a horse’s tail. The hair was a silver color, in great contrast to the black body. Its back was all bloody from the gashes on it. They started at the shoulders and only went down about half its back a few several yards away from me. I moved to its neck and stabbed my blade straight down into its spine. It was clearly irritated by a large sword sticking in between its vertebrae. It tried to shake me off but I held onto my sword. I took my sword and sliced to the side, cutting through the vertebrae. It reared its head around to stare me down. Those white piercing eyes struck terror in me. I saw it raise a claw up to grab me. I quickly stabbed my sword into its shoulder and jumped, dragging the sword all the way down its arm as I slid down.

When I reached the bottom, a large gash was running down its arm with tons of blood gushing out. It examined the wound then turned its attention to us. It let out a massive roar, so strong it knocked some of the men to the ground. It definitely wasn’t heading for the kingdom anymore. We had its full attention now. It raised the bloody arm to sweep across the ground at us. “Move!” I shouted at all the men. We all scattered to get out of the way of the looming threat. One man couldn’t get out of the way and was launched into a tree. His back wrapped around it with a loud snap. I knew he was gone. The first black knight I’d lost in years. Lilith landed down on its shoulder and dug her claws in as she bit into its neck. It quickly reached up and grabbed hold of her. “NO!!!” I shouted and I ran to its ankle and stabbed my sword straight in and went to work sawing through it frantically. Its eyes were on Lilith but they eventually moved down to the stinging sensation in its ankle. I sawed deeper into its leg until it roared at me and let her go to grab at me. I pulled my sword out and ran under it where it couldn’t reach me.

I moved out from under it when it refocused on my other knights. Lilith landed next to me and said, “I have an idea. Keep it distracted for me,” and then she took off.

“Wait Lilith. What’s your plan?” But she was already gone. I turned back to the behemoth who was attacking my men. I ran up and sliced at its ankle, leaving a large gash. It just seemed unfazed by any of the attacks on it. I stood on its back claw and stabbed my sword in at the base of the foot and dragged it all the way out between its claws, cutting the webbing and flesh holding its feet together in half. It roared out and kicked its leg. I went flying into a nearby tree and crashed into the ground. I felt a few bones crack but I got back up. My men were scrambling all around to avoid the massive claws. A few of them didn’t make it. I had to do something drastic before it killed them all. I began uttering the words to an ancient spell. It’s one of the most dangerous there is and takes a great deal of energy to use. The sky began to darken with clouds and lightning was flashing behind them. I grew louder in my incantations as I raised my arms up into the air. I ached from my broken bones but when I raised my arms all the way up, I quickly threw them down all the way to the ground. When the tips of my fingers touched the ground, there was a loud rumble and a massive, blinding bolt of lightning streaked through the sky, slamming right into the side of the behemoth. It let out a roar as it slowly fell over on its side, smoke rising off of where it was struck. It wasn’t dead but it was definitely weakened. I didn’t have enough energy for another one. I didn’t know what to do now. The behemoth was beginning to slowly get back up. I couldn’t believe it. That was the best I could give. How were we going to stop it?

But then, it was as if my prayers were answered. I heard a series of roars coming from a distance. I turned towards the sound. There was a sight I wasn’t expecting to see. Lilith was flying back towards us and behind her she was leading a small group of dragons, totaling about seven of them. They all swarmed over the behemoth before it could get up. There were teeth biting and claws scratching. I saw chunks of flesh being ripped out and blood spraying everywhere. The behemoth was roaring loudly but was unable to get back up under the dragons. Its roars were slowly subsiding as the dragons tore away at its flesh. I called the dragons off and I approached the beast. It laid there slowly dying. It was a shame it had to be killed. It was a truly magnificent creature. I placed my sword at its neck and looked it over. It was time for it to go. I quickly pushed the sword into its neck, just deep enough to pierce through its trachea. It quickly suffocated on its blood and passed away. The dragons swarmed over it and began feasting on its body. I heard cheers of victory coming from the men and from the kingdom walls. The rain of arrows had stopped. The fight was over.

I gathered up the men and told them, “Stop your cheering. The kill was more legendary than any other but in doing so we have killed a legendary beast. An incredible creature. And it wasn’t without costs.” I looked about at our few dead knights. I had the men help me gather them up together. Once the behemoth was almost nothing but bones left, I thanked the dragons for their assistance and then they left. I asked Lilith how she got them to come. They couldn’t pass up such a feast was her response to me. A large pyre was built for the men who were lost. Their bodies were laid respectfully at different positions on the pyre. I stood at the top holding a torch and gently set it down by the topmost man. The fire caught and began to burn as I climbed down the structure. I watched it till it was nothing but ashes, long after everyone had gone. Good men were lost today. But I doubted such a threat would be around for a very long time. It made me wonder how many more were out there. Lilith eventually came down for me long after the ashes blew away. I looked up at her and she looked back at me. She lifted me up and held me to her chest as she flew us back to the tower.

The kingdom experienced peace for many years to come. Some of the platinum knights were promoted to replace the black knights we lost. Therin eventually bore an heir to his throne. A bright young man named Nathaniel. He asked me to be his godfather which I gratefully accepted. I retired as the Commander of the Army and handed the position to Yorvik, who would then pass the position down to the next best and so on for many generations to come. Since I retired from the spot, Therin asked me to be his royal advisor and military advisor to which I also accepted. I stayed as Lilith’s lover and we had many passionate nights. With Lilith at my side, I outlived everyone in the kingdom, being the advisor to many of Therin’s line to come. With me by all of their sides, the kingdom was bound to prosper forever until it became a main hub of the entire country with many roads and canals leading to it from all directions bringing all kinds of traders and travellers. And that is how I lived out the rest of my days. Advising the future kings to come and helping the Army Commanders ensure peace until Lilith and I both passed after being together for about seven thousand years. No events ever happened like that battle with the behemoth. Just some wars and skirmishes but nothing the kingdom couldn’t withstand. A monument was erected of Lilith and I after we passed. I couldn’t of lived any of those years any happier than I already was.

The end.
Well I hope you all enjoyed this story. It took a bit more time for me to put together but I think it all turned out very well. Please free to post what you all think and leave suggestions for any other stories.
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Re: Part 2 is now here. Very mature and weird content

Postby SawJacksoul » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:14 pm

So for my next project I wanted your guys' suggestion. Either I'm gonna start a completely new story OR.. I'll retell one. But I'll tell it from Yorvik's point of view. Which would you guys like?
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