Favorite PvP Moment?

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Favorite PvP Moment?

Postby Steeldeal » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:28 pm

I for one love PvP. The idea of fighting a enemy that is always different and new with every match and creating plans and strats to try and win against that enemy just makes playing MMOs amazing. Though each game does PvP a little bit differently, a lot of us who love PvP for sure have some great stories to tell about our epic battles. I'll start off with one of my favorite pvp moments and I cannot wait to read anyone else willing enough to tell their tales.

This story happened a couple of months ago actually when I was still subbed to WoW and was running all sorts of stuff with my guild Within. We held a pretty high ranking when it came to PVP content for our server (even if it was a RP server, those guys know how to fight!) for overall server ranking. I had been working with some of our guild members who were not as geared and skilled as our higher rated PvPers. However, due to the fact our higher rated team always needed some additional melee, I usually got called in on my one and only high level character which was my Death Knight - Frost. Due to the fact I was one of the stronger melee dps and could take a beating, I was usually given the opportunity to call strat or be one of the target callers. At that time, Death Knights were really good for being target callers since they could drop some dps and keep a eye on the field without having to worry too much about the enemy.

One week, we gathered up for RBGS and qued in with our usual group plus a few pugs to fill in a few slots. A usual RBG team for us consisted of a dps group and a healing group. The dps group was made up of usually 4 melee and 3 ranged dps. That night, if my memory serves well enough, we ran with one Death Knight ,one Paladin, one Rouge, and a Feral Druid (DPS). The ranged group was made up of one hunter, one warlock, and a shadow priest. Our healing team had one Paladin, one Monk, and one Druid. For the most part, our team was pretty solid.

We ended up doing about 4 battlegrounds that night with no team changes. The first one though was one I will never forget to this day. We qued into a Capture the Flag map called Twin Peaks. For those that have never played Twin Peaks, imagine two fortresses with a valley in the middle. Our team loaded in with no problems and after checking our PVP addons we realized one of two things. The first was that the entire other team consisted of the usual healing team of two druids and a monk (ideal in some cases but usually best to have different healer classes) and a very strange dps team. The entire 7 dps set was nothing but 5 arms warriors and 2 fury warriors. Warriors are for sure a interesting class with the fact they can charge, block stuns, and do a crap ton of dps. However, I do nickname them glass cannons for a reason. For this round, I switched over to the blood spec which is a Death Knights tanking spec as I was designated to be the flag runner (due to the fact I could literally use my leech abilities to keep myself going off my enemies health while being a concrete wall at the same time). The strat called for our monk healer and myself to go up the right side of the map facing out from our fortress while everyone else engaged the enemy group on the left side. For the most part, I had no trouble getting into the base, grabbing the flag. and running out with my monk healer fast on my heels. The real problem came once I got to about the middle of the map on the right side when suddenly I get stopped in my feet by a charge stun. I expected the charge due to my monk healer calling it out to me on TS3 (voice chat always recommended for heavy PVP content). I busted out of it with a stun breaker, layed down a choke stun on the runner and kept going with my monk healer.

I should have saved my stun and breakout.

Literally 4 seconds later, I immediately get hit with a ton of charges and soon I am swarmed with enemy warriors trying to slam my undead arse into the ground. The others quickly followed from both sides and soon a all out war began. My monk healer was laying down heals, Target calls were flying like crazy, I was yelling "FREE WILLY" the entire time as I struggled to just escape the chaos, my buddy was literally smashing on his keyboard to pump dps, and as all this went down, one of the healers was screaming "I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!"

Sadly, despite our vocals, we failed miserably.

The enemy team more than likely called a hard switch over to one of our healers and smashed em instantly before we could react. The rest fell down as I got killed and we were put on the defensive. In the end we lost 0-2 (if I remember correctly) and we were all pretty shocked we got beaten that bad.

The worse part wasn't even the loss.

During the warm up, I checked my friends list to find that one of our usual RBgers who was running some RBGS with his friends on the Horde side (we were Alliance) was on the team that we were facing.

He did rub it in a little bit after the match was over. However, like most of us, was honestly surprised at the outcome.

I hope you enjoyed one of my PvP tales and I hope you will share yours below!
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Re: Favorite PvP Moment?

Postby SawJacksoul » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:35 pm

I once had a dude who kept following me around in a PvP area, in Runescape of course, trying to kill me but I'd beat him up then he'd run off and say, "I'll let you live for now" then he'd come back again like 20 minutes later repeating the process till I used an ability that killed him before he could run away again lol
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Re: Favorite PvP Moment?

Postby Zagzeroth » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:07 pm

PvP for me is really reserved for boredom as sad as that may be for you hardcore PvPers... Anyhow lets get to the story eh?

Back when I first went to ESO (My current game, because why not) I decided it was about time I tried out PvP (around lvl 30ish or so) and found out the Chalman keep was desperate for Pact Defenders, so I rode up and snuck in and stood atop the walls watching four trebs fire on us from the mines. Me being unexperienced I stood back and observed for a minute before leaving my post and rushing the line of Covenant attackers with a small group of tanks and a healer... Now this is where it gets interesting, we drove the Covenant away and barely got back to the walls before the Dominion attacked from the farms quickly noticing our breached outer wall and rushing our defenders who frantically ran to the inner cloister. The few defenders we had left either stood upon the walls looking down at the AD and DC swarming over the inner courtyard as we rained arrows and spells down on their heads while they fought each other. It was about the time the AD began to thin that I gathered up my comrades and yelled into throng of defenders: "Blood for the Pact!" and we ran down from our walls and swarmed into the masses of enemies losing many defenders and slaying many enemies... After what seemed like minutes we turned back both groups finally securing our keep, fought and won for and by the Pact. We repaired the walls as best we could and stood on the walls smiling to ourselves and talking about our victory. It was a good day.
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Re: Favorite PvP Moment?

Postby Armour » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:36 pm

My favorite PVP was open world PVP in WoW. My friend, a 40 Discipline Priest, and I, a 30 Arcane Mage, camped out along the wetlands. The area was perfect for encountering the same level people traveling from a starter area to a nearby Alliance town. We camped that area for about a week ganking countless people for hours. We even corpse camped as much as we could. We did role undead, so i think it was acceptable. That was my first taste of open world PVP and I loved it. The only times we died is when a max level(60 at that time) would respond to all the lowbies asking for help. The memory will forever be with me. This is the true purpose of an MMORPG. To create lasting memories with friends.

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