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Unique Class Systems

Postby Layenem » Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:43 pm

This one is a bit more serious than the other one I posted here. (HAHAHA) BUT still no less gamer related!

What unique class systems have you seen that you like?

By this I don't mean general class systems that apply to all classes, though you can add that here as well, what I'm specifically talking about is a system where one or two (MAYBE three) classes would have a system that is unique to them and how they do things. For instance, the Bard uses mChanneling (mobile channeling) to cast their spells and unlike any other class. This has lead to an AA line already created for them to enhance how they would go about expanding the benefits to other abilities.

The idea here is to breathe more life into the classes and make them even more unique to the entire game without creating a bunch of systems that just ruin it. Our pet class system is rather unique as well and pushes pet classes to pay attention to more than just themselves. That covers five classes and uses an entire system that stands apart from any other class in the game (even they have their own unique approach to the system on all five accounts).

Is there any system that you've seen that you thought was intuitive or ground breaking? It doesn't has to be from an MMO.
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