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Sacrament Team Interview Questions

Postby Layenem » Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:42 am

Hello everyone,

The forums have been quiet, as they should be at this stage of the game's life, so I'm hopeful this bit will get some attention without being drowned out by all the chatter.

We're putting together another "Meet The Team" interview series that should launch the same time Phase 1 Alpha launches. This will take some time to build but we've got some time to prep. Internally we've already identified several team members interested in being interviewed so there will be a LOT of quality content with this one.

The reason this post exists, however, is to obtain questions that you, the listener, wants to hear asked and answered to our team members. Typically companies come up with these corny questions that are part cheese and part "who cares about that" so we want to make sure that we aren't entirely filled up with those two... that we've got some life in our questions.

That's where you come in.

This thread will list and track all questions that we'll be adding to our interviews so use Facebook, Twitter, or reply here with the question(s) you'd like to see added and we'll get them added (so long as they are fitting, obviously... leave the sexual questions for a later time with some of our deities lol).

Current Questions:

1) Where are you from?
2) What is your role on Sacrament?
3) What experience do you have in relationship to that role?
4) How did you find Sacrament?
5) What motivated you to jump on board with Sacrament?
6) What are you working on right now? (Go ahead and talk a little about it... NDA-free)
7) What is your favorite thing about Sacrament?
8) What race/class do you envision yourself as?
9) Will this be the race/class you play at live launch?

So tell us what you'd like to see more of... maybe you don't even care about one of these questions. Let us know!

Push this around to your friends and get them involved as well. Seriously. This is an opportunity for gamers to start shaping the way a company interacts with them. Help us achieve that!

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