Patreon is LIVE

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Patreon is LIVE

Postby Layenem » Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:10 am

Our Patreon page is LIVE!

If you are interested in financially supporting the creation of this game then you can now do that! Head on over to OUR PATREON PAGE and sign up for Patreon exclusive rewards and to help bring a new wave of MMO to this genre!

Would you like to see the rewards?

Check them out here.

If you've got questions please jump down in our forums and ask away! We pride ourselves on being as open as possible and answering questions as straight as possible! Try us out! Then see if any other company is willing to do the same!!!

If you prefer you can join us anytime on our bi-weekly podcast that takes place every other Friday night after the IR comes out @ 7pm EDT (UTC-4) and ask any questions you've got there.

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