Growing Pains

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Growing Pains

Postby Layenem » Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:34 pm

To those that left:

You will never read this and I'd still like to offer my apologies.

To those that are here and will be here in the future:

While we are definitely not creating a game to cater to anyone, and I won't be trying to suck up to anyone leaving for the sake of potential followers and financial support, we definitely need to do a better job on our part to ensure we're performing on the forums in the highest capacity. This last meeting I put an all hands call out to jump on the forums and see for themselves how much people are enjoying this project. There have been some... misguided posts as a result. I can deal with that. As the topic suggests these are growing pains.

Understand that while our game is huge not everyone who has volunteered their time knows the entire scope. Not for lack of trying... mostly for lack of time. Honestly, even if they worked full time on this project they'd be so focused on their specific roles that they still wouldn't know the entire scope of the game. If anyone thought anything other than this you are confused as to how something so big is created.

Due to the fact that people typically believe that if you're working on a project of any size in any capacity that you should be completely enlightened on all topics any of our team members that have those special titles under their name must be far more aware of what they post and what that post can mean to those that read it. A simple question quickly turns into a conspiracy theory that our game, regardless of what we have shown so far, is far from conceptualized and that we're just "winging it"... Obviously, that destroys any confidence of those who would have invested otherwise.

It is a step back? Sure. Are we going to let something like this ruin our chances of making this game? HELL NO! We'll learn, educate our staff more accurately, and adapt for the future.

It just is what it is: Growing Pains.
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