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Postby Layenem » Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:04 am

From the beginning we've said "Ask us anything you want..." and "Bring the hard questions..." We understand that these things have been said over and over and OVER so there was absolutely no reason to trust us in our words. To the same thought process why trust that we'll deliver a game?

Well we can't deliver the game without your help and so we can't 100% show that we can do that. Unless we've got time machines near launch and can come back hahaha

WHAT WE CAN DO is make good on everything we say up until that point. This thread is specifically aimed at giving you a place where you can ACTIVELY TRACK the "Hard" questions. We don't want you to feel like they'll get lost in the forums and swallowed up by thousands of threads so we put them here for you to review. Why? Well because when I game shop and I see a promising product I want to see these questions asked and answered... and what better way then to have them in a single thread that redirects me to the active threads? Seriously. This isn't hard.

Oh we understand that not everyone will like the answers. As naive as we may be we have no illusions that we'll be building a game for all gamers. We don't need to. We don't need to be massively successful... just kind of successful. If you give me 500k players I'll give you a game that can thrive for 15 years. If we build a game that can thrive for 15 years then the rest of the gamers will come. It's far simpler then the money hungry would have you believe... it's just risky because they don't understand gamers! /rantoff (Sorry... I can go off on this subject for hours haha)

So here they are, all "HARD QUESTION" threads! If you feel I've missed any or have not seen one send me a PM and I will get to it ASAP!!! (Hey, when I do that will be another item we've proven that we keep our word on!):

"Hard Question" Threads: (hyperlinks)

Payment Model

Why Do We Think We Can Create This Game

System Requirements
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