Dubah's Resignation

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Dubah's Resignation

Postby Layenem » Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:09 pm

Ferocity Unbound Core Studios was founded to harness our collective, creative spirits and, by sacrificing our personal time and resources, create a game that exceeds our own standards of gaming. This principle is both exhausting and, by its very nature, time consuming. We hold every member the Sacrament team in high regard and greatly appreciate every ounce of time and effort they are able to contribute to make our collective dreams come true.

It is therefore unfortunate when a member of our close-knit team finds need to step down from their position and yet it is at the same time quite understandable. In that regard we would like to take this time to thank Joshua, aka Dubah, for his contributions to the team and our game creation efforts. He was a valuable member of our team and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

As many of you know we are not yet officially funded. This means that, in every sense of the word, working on our team is completely voluntary in both duration and level of involvement. We cannot build this game without the help of our volunteers, and we certainly plan to reward them when we're capable of doing so. But, we also can't force people to stay, or make unreasonable demands on one’s time. At any point any of our volunteers are free to step down, take a break, or walk away indefinitely. No matter the reason, or even without a reason, we do not hold that against them.

To those that worked closely with Joshua, you will be consulted with by our management team in the very near future if you have not been already. Sacrament moves onward and it is simply time to adapt and flow with the resulting changes.

To those who did not work closely with Joshua, or those who are simply media or fans awaiting our game, please respect the private side of this matter and simply join us in wishing him well.
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